Spoiled Rotten: The Big 3 Reasons for Fitness Failure

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

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It doesn't matter if your goal is to be a bodybuilder or a 90-year old who can tie your own shoelaces, you need resistance training. Listingrepparttar many reasons for engaging in a consistent resistance training routine is beyondrepparttar 142545 scope of this article, but there are some myths about weight training that need to be brought to light.

1.Weight Training makes you big and bulky. Actually,repparttar 142546 size of your muscles is determined primarily by your gender,repparttar 142547 type and intensity of your training program, and your nutrition. If you think you will just "magically" turn into a muscle-bound athlete because you picked up a couple of dumbbells, just ask any bodybuilder how much time, energy, and raw will power goes into building his or her incredible physique. It does NOT happen by accident.

2.Using any given device or exercise will "sculpt" your abs, biceps, butt, or any other muscle. There is one thing and exactly one thing that determinesrepparttar 142548 shape of your muscles, and that is your DNA. It is quite impossible to "sculpt" any part of your body - that job belongs to your chosen deity. You can controlrepparttar 142549 size of your muscles, but you cannot controlrepparttar 142550 shape. Anyone who says otherwise is straight up lying.

3.Resistance training is just for men. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be healthy, strong, and have a great metabolism and energy level? Then weight training is for you. Period.


You need to learn one word and one word only if you want to maximize your nutrition program. That word is Cumulative. Cumulative meansrepparttar 142551 combined effect overrepparttar 142552 course of time.

You will not put on 5 lbs by eating a hamburger. You will likewise not lose 5 lbs by eating celery for dinner. You will not reaprepparttar 142553 lifetime benefits of vitamin, mineral, and fiber intake by eating fruits and vegetables for 1 week. You will likewise not destroy your body's balance of vitamins and minerals by straying from your nutrition program once in awhile.

Do you see where all of this is going? If you want to reaprepparttar 142554 health and weight loss benefits of a proper nutrition program, you cannot practice proper nutrition "once in awhile". You must consistently stick to your nutrition program overrepparttar 142555 long term to realizerepparttar 142556 cumulative effects. You are just kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

As you can see, Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, and Proper Nutrition all play a vital role in your health and fitness program. In addition, they work together as a team in order to keep you healthy and on track with your fitness goals. Just practicing one or two will not be good enough.

At this time you can make a choice. You can either choose to believe a bunch of bald-faced lies and misleading truths about physical fitness, or you can choose to embracerepparttar 142557 real truth ofrepparttar 142558 matter. The real truth is that weight loss and physical fitness require time, effort, and dedication.

Remember: Anything worth having is worth working for!

Aaron Potts is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Success Coach whose customers include consumers as well as other fitness professionals. Sign up for his free Fitness Journal at http://www.fitnessdestinations.com or visit his coaching site at http://www.ptsuccesscoach.com


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But helping to prevent cancer is just only one ofrepparttar benefits of vitamins, leaving other important benefits of vitamins to take note of. Which includes working with enzymes inrepparttar 142520 body that help keep it working efficiently. Andrepparttar 142521 ability to regulate metabolism,repparttar 142522 conversion of energy & avoiding deficiencies of nutrients.

Including keepingrepparttar 142523 body in great condition and helping it from falling into disrepair which may effect life span.

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