Splish, Splash! Swimming Pool Safety everyone should know

Written by Rebecca Blain

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Filters, Pumps and Other Mechanical Parts

One aspect of pool care and safety that many neglect to consider isrepparttar maintenance of their pool filters, pumps and other mechanical parts. These parts, all of them electronic in some fashion, can cause injury or death if not used carefully. A pump with a soured cable, for example, can cause electric shock to those using and working with it.

When you are working with this style of equipment, you need to make certain that you read all ofrepparttar 137772 safety warnings for that particular unit, and keep them out ofrepparttar 137773 reach of children. If your pool is closed forrepparttar 137774 winter, you need to make certain all ofrepparttar 137775 parts are put intorepparttar 137776 proper place overrepparttar 137777 winter, so that no injuries can be caused by them.

Chlorine and Other Pool Chemicals

One ofrepparttar 137778 most important things you need to do when you have a pool is to make certain that you keep all ofrepparttar 137779 swimming pool chemicals and toxic materials used to keeprepparttar 137780 pool clean out ofrepparttar 137781 reach of children. These chemicals are very dangerous, and should be treated as such.

While chlorine is used in water for pools and evenrepparttar 137782 tap, you need to remember thatrepparttar 137783 amounts are a lot less concentrated inrepparttar 137784 tap than inrepparttar 137785 pool. Consuming straight chlorine can be deadly, so you should be careful not to expose yourself or your children to toxic amounts of it.

Seasonal Pool Care and Maintenance

When you own a pool, caring for it is a job that will take up a great deal of time. However, neglecting to clean or care for your pool can cause very bad side effects. First, a non-treated and cared for pool is a perfect breeding ground to mosquitoes and other pests, some of which can carry diseases that can be transmitted to your family members.

On account of this, you need to make certain that your pool is either covered, or that you clean out all ofrepparttar 137786 leaves and debris and treat it on a weekly basis. Uncleaned and untreated pools also contain bacteria and algae that is unacceptable for your children and family members.

If you do not cleanrepparttar 137787 pool, you should not be swimming in it, as it can pose a health hazard. If you keep up onrepparttar 137788 cleaning and maintaining of your pool, you and your family can all enjoyrepparttar 137789 benefits pools offer.

Enjoying your Pool

With all of these swimming pool safety rules in mind, it can sometimes seem like enjoying your pool is a lot of work. It is, but well worth it. Lazy summer days spent drifting on floats, or luxurious swimming through clean blue waters can be very relaxing.

If you keeprepparttar 137790 safety rules in mind, you won't get hurt and can fully enjoy your investments. By not diving in no dive zones, and avoiding running, you can make certain that you can fully enjoy your pool experience without high risk of injury.

Rebecca Blain is a professional and hobbyist writer who enjoys taking care of her fish and educating people about swimming pool equipment at http://www.everything-swimming-pools.com

Endless Summer Surf Camp

Written by Misha Troyan

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The Endless Summer Surf Camp has been teaching people, young and old, how to surf for more than ten years now. Founded in 1991 by Mary Lou Drummy, a former pro surfer and Director ofrepparttar United States Surfing Federation. Drummy assembled a camp staff composed of professional surfers, including then camp director Jason Senn. In 1995, using prize money he had saved from major pro surf competitions, Jason boughtrepparttar 137737 camp from Drummy. Today, Jason still actively competes onrepparttar 137738 United States Pro Surf Tour, where he has finished amongrepparttar 137739 top 10 forrepparttar 137740 last three years. The Endless Summer Surf Camp is one of few camps that can boast an active pro surfer on their staff. "That's one ofrepparttar 137741 reasons I chose this camp," one camper revealed to me. "If I was gonna fly out here from Chicago for an entire week, I wanted to make surerepparttar 137742 staff would give me my money's worth. That andrepparttar 137743 location." Indeed,repparttar 137744 Endless Summer Surf Camp can boast an ideal location. Located atrepparttar 137745 San Onofre campground, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, summer temperatures average 78 while water temperature averages 70. When you spend an entire day in various stages of falling into and climbing out ofrepparttar 137746 water, these numbers are important.

If a professional surf director and ideal conditions are not enough to offer,repparttar 137747 camp staff will have you packing your swim trunks and towel in no time. Hailing from various backgrounds, including two "Tico's," or Costa Rican locals,repparttar 137748 staff is highly skilled, easily approachable and they seem to share an inexhaustible supply of patience and enthusiasm. I tried my best to wear them down, but inrepparttar 137749 end it was always a staff member who was pulling me offrepparttar 137750 beach, encouraging me to get back inrepparttar 137751 water and hitrepparttar 137752 surf.

Asrepparttar 137753 expression goes, you learn how to ride a bike by falling off, not by lying onrepparttar 137754 beach. Or something like that. I was determined to get my day's worth of surfing in, and I did. Byrepparttar 137755 end of day one, I had swallowed hours upon hours of

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