Spiritual Hunger

Written by Valerie Garner

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Hunger a blessing? YES! Forrepparttar hunger will cause us to turn to nourishment that is needed, in order to bring life. God our Creator, made every person with a need within our souls that ONLY HE can fill. His purpose is to bring life and bless us. When we try to fill that void with other things, it only leads to more hunger. It may bring temporary relief, like eating a bit of junk food that doesn't satisfy. Yet, our need is REAL food, food that nourishes and sustains us, gives us strength and life. If you are feeling stirred in your heart now, if you're feeling spiritually hungry, there's good news. John 6:35 says "And Jesus said unto them, I amrepparttar 127054 BREAD OF LIFE, he that comes to me shall never hunger, and he that believes on me shall never thirst." Psalm 107:9 says, "For he satifiesrepparttar 127055 longing soul, and fillsrepparttar 127056 hungry soul with goodness." Psalm 34:8 says, "O taste and see thatrepparttar 127057 Lord is good, blessed isrepparttar 127058 man that trusts in Him."

It is easy to get spiritually filled. Simply ask with an honest heart something like "Jesus, I'm hungry, please come fill me, I need You" or whatever is on your heart. Have a heart to heart talk with Jesus who WANTS to bless you and fill you. One thing important to notice...we eat food inrepparttar 127059 natural everyday, our need for food spiritually is daily too, simply come to Jesus and you'll be amazed!

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An author striving to touch the reader's hearts.

Pop-up from the Pulpit, Or , Osama bin Laid

Written by Kate Kaye

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and his flock seem to have gone a bit overboard withrepparttar pop-up ad. But maybe, just maybe, they're on to something. Perhaps there is a direct correlation betweenrepparttar 127053 evils of pornography andrepparttar 127054 lascivious lifestyles that foster Taliban-sanctioned terrorism. Think about it: reporters say Osama and crew live in caves, but they're not caves. They're pleasure dens. Whenrepparttar 127055 media claim that these al Qaeda training camps are teaching troops to fire "stinger missiles," don't be fooled. The term "stinger missile" is a euphemism forrepparttar 127056 most potent, powerful weapon of all:repparttar 127057 love gun, people,repparttar 127058 penis! As for those Afghani women who shroud themselves from head-to-toe in burkas, do you know what they've got under all that concealing clothing? Nothing -- that's right! Those harlots are completely nude under there! And that supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar: that tale about him losing an eye after being hit by Soviet shrapnel is a fallacy! We all know why he really went blind. You guessed it: too much masturbation!

So, maybe ifrepparttar 127059 U.S. Government funnels fewer funds into military operations and this so-called "homeland security" and more money intorepparttar 127060 war against pornography, we can truly ridrepparttar 127061 world ofrepparttar 127062 evil-doers. Of course, postingrepparttar 127063 Ten Commandments inrepparttar 127064 Supreme Court chambers wouldn't hurt either.

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Kate Kaye is a freelance writer who regularly covers the advertising and marketing industry. Her work has been published in AdAge, Business 2.0, Creativity, BrandEra's BrandNews, NewMedia, Revolution Magazine and other publications. Kate is also the author of The Lowbrow Lowdown, a syndicated commentary column focusing on advertising and marketing related topics. The humorous and thought-provoking Lowbrow Lowdown can be found online at http://www.LowbrowLowdown.com.

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