Spies inside Religions

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Gage had stayed at Portobello for some weeks in 1637, before and duringrepparttar celebrated fair. (It was here, incidentally, that he recounted having grave doubts forrepparttar 139889 first time aboutrepparttar 139890 doctrine of transubstantiation, {This has to do withrepparttar 139891 body of Christ being in those wafers given atrepparttar 139892 Eucharist as well asrepparttar 139893 Resurrection fiction.} as a result of seeing a mouse eatrepparttar 139894 consecrated Host duringrepparttar 139895 service of Mass – an incident which he recounts in a contentiously pseudo-theological way.).” (1)

I askrepparttar 139896 reader to consider that this man was a spy who had gone under cover inrepparttar 139897 first instance of his study in Spain. This comment about ‘contentiously pseudo-theological’ suggests a long time of venomous intent. His willingness to turn over his one-time ‘coreligionists’ that would have included close friends and acquaintances, is also there to consider. The technocrats or courtesans of Jesuit corporate trade empire inrepparttar 139898 Americas were to becomerepparttar 139899 cause of internecine Catholic battles andrepparttar 139900 disbanding of their Order on more than one occasion. Weishaupt formedrepparttar 139901 Illuminati during one of these periods of disagreement. He had founding fathers including St. Germain (De Medicis), Goethe, William of Hesse who is related to Lord Mountbatten’s family, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild who was working with Professor Oppenheim and who I think isrepparttar 139902 family Oppenheimer. John Oppenheimer and I became close friends and he wished to have me manage his south London printing company inrepparttar 139903 early 80s andrepparttar 139904 Common Market was about to flourish. The developer ofrepparttar 139905 atom bomb was his cousin and we had a most interesting lunch atrepparttar 139906 Admiralty Club as my voice was heard to echo and patrons mouths did drop as I said Russia was a victim and there was no need of armaments or defenses if truth be known. This was beforerepparttar 139907 Berlin Wall came down and I did explainrepparttar 139908 economic reasons for my position which I now know was fact a lot more than I was aware at that point in time.

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The Wind Did It

Written by Terry Dashner

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“Receiving intelligence of this coming attack, Reverend Mr. Prince inrepparttar Old South Church at Boston stood up beforerepparttar 139120 congregation and called for a day of fasting and prayer so God would intervene. As he prayed,repparttar 139121 shutters ofrepparttar 139122 church suddenly began to rattle, startlingrepparttar 139123 whole congregation. He stopped praying and realized that a strong wind had begun to blow. Se he returned to even more earnest prayer. Graduallyrepparttar 139124 wind picked up until it became a raging gale. The Duke D’ Anville was not only routed, his fleet was destroyed. Thousands of troops were drowned, andrepparttar 139125 duke and his leading general committed suicide” (page 13).

I could go on. The Mayflower was, itself, blown off course onto God’s course. George Washington was granted divine winds on more than one occasion. In 1776, at Brooklyn Heights, he was surrounded byrepparttar 139126 British, with no way of escape. It was a fog that blew in and covered him and his men so that they were able to escaperepparttar 139127 British closure without being detected. Later Washington’s men were trapped in Trenton. The muddy conditions kept him from escapingrepparttar 139128 advancing British; however, overnight a cold wind blew in and frozerepparttar 139129 muddy ground hard as a rock. Guess what? Washington escaped. It was incidents like these that caused Washington to utter these words, “The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this, that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked, that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligation.”

God sendsrepparttar 139130 winds. It was Jesus who said thatrepparttar 139131 wind blows where it will. He usedrepparttar 139132 analogy of wind to illustraterepparttar 139133 new birth ofrepparttar 139134 human spirit. Just asrepparttar 139135 wind obeysrepparttar 139136 voice of God, sorepparttar 139137 human spirit must submit torepparttar 139138 hand of God. Only God can give eternal life. Only God can give new birth inrepparttar 139139 spirit. How does He do this? It’s as mysterious as His wind, but it can be received through Jesus Christ His only Begotten Son. If any man will call uponrepparttar 139140 name ofrepparttar 139141 Lord Jesus, he shall be born anew in faith. Here again, just likerepparttar 139142 wind that can’t be found by human effort,repparttar 139143 Kingdom cannot be entered into by human effort. It takes an act of God. But then again, He’s riding onrepparttar 139144 wings ofrepparttar 139145 wind and coming your way. Let His winds envelope you.

Keeprepparttar 139146 faith. Stayrepparttar 139147 course. Jesus is coming soon. I can almost hearrepparttar 139148 wind beginning to roar.

Pastor T. Dash

Writes daily devotions to his congregation and friends. Contact him at tdash0355@netzero.com.

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