Spice up your Garden with Rare Flowering Bulbs

Written by Josh Gray

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Once you get your bulbs at home its time for planting. Make sure you are planting duringrepparttar right time of year. You can plant in fall for spring-flowering bulbs or in spring for summer-flowering bulbs. Most Bulbs do well in pots or in planters, so your main consideration should berepparttar 135857 type of soil required andrepparttar 135858 depth and spacing necessary to give your new bulbs plenty of growing room. Specific instructions for each type or rare bulb you decide on are easily obtained online and are most often supplied with your purchase. With a little thought and preparation, your garden will be blooming with flowers that will make your neighbors jealous. Now that you knowrepparttar 135859 secret to a beautiful garden, just don’t tell anybody, ok?

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Build A Simple Planter Box

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

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Attachingrepparttar Side Panels

1. Standrepparttar 135765 two frames on their sides and apply a bead of wood glue torepparttar 135766 inside face ofrepparttar 135767 bottom side frames (the long sides).

2. Attach four side panels to each long side, smooth sides out, and nail fromrepparttar 135768 inside to hold them in place. Make surerepparttar 135769 frames are flush withrepparttar 135770 panel ends on at least one side, orrepparttar 135771 bottom panels won't fit properly. Ifrepparttar 135772 panels are jagged onrepparttar 135773 other side, you can always smooth them with a trim saw later.

Tip: Because you're nailing fromrepparttar 135774 inside, you may have to driverepparttar 135775 nails at a slight angle. The advantage of this is that it concealsrepparttar 135776 nailheads fromrepparttar 135777 exterior face ofrepparttar 135778 window box.

3. Repeat step 2 onrepparttar 135779 other side ofrepparttar 135780 box.

Attachingrepparttar 135781 End Panels

1. Standrepparttar 135782 half-completed box on its end and apply a bead of wood glue torepparttar 135783 inside face ofrepparttar 135784 bottom end frames.

2. Attach two panels to each end inrepparttar 135785 same manner that you used to attachrepparttar 135786 side panels, once again ensuring thatrepparttar 135787 ends are flush onrepparttar 135788 bottom.

3. Repeatrepparttar 135789 process onrepparttar 135790 opposite end.

Attachingrepparttar 135791 Bottom Panels

1. Check and if necessary adjust your box for square.

2. Attach three bottom panels to formrepparttar 135792 base ofrepparttar 135793 planter box, using wood glue and screws. The base will reinforce and bracerepparttar 135794 box.

3. Drill several holes inrepparttar 135795 panels so that water can escape, or simply leave a gap betweenrepparttar 135796 panels.


Lightly sand any rough edges and corners to smooth out splinters. Now it's time to feel, smell, kiss and hug your new planter box, because it looks so good – and you did it yourself!


If you wish, you can stain, seal or prime and paint your planter to suit your home's decor. Because you used cedar, however, it can stay unfinished: cedar is one ofrepparttar 135797 best lumbers you can use for exterior applications.

This planter is a good size for potted plants, but you may wish to add a plastic liner and fill it with soil (add a layer of gravel first). If you do, don't forget to cut holes inrepparttar 135798 liner to line up withrepparttar 135799 drainage holes inrepparttar 135800 bottom ofrepparttar 135801 planter.

Enjoy planting!

Courtesy: Cedar Creek Woodshop http://www.cedarcreekwoodshop.com


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