Spice Up Your Web Site with JavaScript

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Source Protector

Although this script won't completely protect your page content, it will deter those wanting to steal your code. When you right click on your mouse, an alert box will appear. You can include a message of your choice.


Right Click Menu

This nifty little script not only helps prevent your code from being stolen, but it also creates a pop up navigation menu. When you right click on your mouse, instead ofrepparttar browser menu appearing, your menu will appear. This little menu can contain live links to other pages on your web site.


Banner Rotator

This simple little script will enable you to rotate banners on your web page. You simply add your banner information torepparttar 119127 code and place this script within your web page where you'd like your banners to display. Each time your page loads, a new banner will be displayed. Great little script.


Daily Tip

This script will enable you to display a daily tip on your web site. You can program it with tips forrepparttar 119128 entire month and they will automatically display each day.


FairWell Window Launcher

Although popup windows can be irritating, this script is a little different. It will launch a new window when your visitor leaves your site. What's great about this script is that it will only appearrepparttar 119129 first time someone visits your web site. If you offer your visitors a free publication, try placing your subscription information within this new window. This provides a great way to increase subscriptions to your publication.


Locating JavaScripts: http://javascript.internet.com/

Locating DHTML Scripts: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/

Learn more about JavaScript: JavaScript Learning Center http://www.javascriptmall.com/learn/contents.htm

Although JavaScript can certainly help you spice up your web site, there are many scripts that your visitors may find irritating. Try to avoid scripts such as mouse trailers, mouseover sounds, mouseover pop up windows and mouseover redirects. Carefully select scripts that will enhance your visitors experience and encourage them to return inrepparttar 119130 future.

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Dirty Web Promotion Tricks #1 - Legitimate and Malicious Javascripts

Written by Michael Bloch

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I hadn't clicked on anything! This script had been activated simply through me visitingrepparttar page. There were no warnings onrepparttar 119126 page that this was going to occur. Whatrepparttar 119127 javascript had done was to reset my "home" page and added entries to "My Favourites"! I examinedrepparttar 119128 script that had caused it occur and while I won't publish it here for obvious reasons, I can assure you that it would qualify as a "scumvertising" tactic.

When restarting IE I found that via an ezine site and another marketing company (from whererepparttar 119129 script was called), I was being redirected to a very well known software companies' home page. In total, there were 4 companies involved in this particular incident - I look forward torepparttar 119130 responses torepparttar 119131 emails I will send them.

If you have had this happen to you, I'd like to know about it.......

The JS.IEStart trojan is also known as VBS.Passon (CA), VBS.PassOn (NAV) VBS/IEstart.gen.

While it is not destructive, I object strongly to other companies adding sites to My Favourites and alteringrepparttar 119132 default home page without my permission or knowledge. If I hadn't had my AV program running inrepparttar 119133 background, I probably never would have figured out where this script came from. I have since then copiedrepparttar 119134 scripts, along with appropriate screenshots pending further action.

It is an invasive, disgusting marketing tactic that only serves to irritate visitors; and it helps giverepparttar 119135 web marketing industry a bad name. I am surerepparttar 119136 company I was redirected to will be interested in knowing that their advertising cash is being spent on a marketing firm who uses, in my opinion, illegitimate means to send visitors to them. It is a waste of their money as they are recieving traffic that is not targeted - what is known as "garbage traffic".

Torepparttar 119137 companies that incorporate this type of ploy as part of their "bleeding edge" marketing technology - "may you live in interesting times"! You will be caught out!

It's bad enough that we have to travelrepparttar 119138 'net with our AV programs and firewalls on "paranoid" mode - do we now have to have "pop up killers" running allrepparttar 119139 time as well?

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Michael is an Australian Information Technologies trainer and web developer. Many other free web design, ecommerce development and Internet articles, tutorials, tools and resources are available from his award winning site; Taming the Beast.net (http://www.tamingthebeast.net)

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