Spend Your Passionate Riches

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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That does not mean I crawl around my house crying and wailing each time someone I love leaves me! What it means for me is I am able to be truly myself in each moment. I can be very emotional and upset AND let that show through my face, my actions, my movements, my demeanor. It does not mean I hurt anyone else, instead with it I purely express what I am feeling. And then inrepparttar next moment, I can choose to move from that lamenting to fully enjoying that moment, and seeing what energy I can create within that context. It does not mean that either demonstration is phoney or incomplete or not true. Instead it means that in simply being me that I become rich. Another legend from drama is William Shakespeare who said this: "All repparttar 123922 world's a stage, andrepparttar 123923 men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many ' parts." As we play each part, as we joyfully create our lives, may we remember to spend it freely. May we loosen ourselves fromrepparttar 123924 strong holds fear, doubt and previous prescriptions which have kept us away from our truth. Choose to love and live with prosperity, abundance and passionate riches. Passion Activator: In what ways do you enter "the stage" as you truly are? When you interact with those around you, do they ever mention times when there is an obvious spark that appears in your words and actions? Ask three of your trusted friends about a "Spark Time" they have observed in you inrepparttar 123925 past month. Review those experiences in your mind's eye. Gleanrepparttar 123926 experience for Passionate Riches. Make a choice to build more of those experiences into your everyday experiences. As you do that one simple step, you will get closer and closer to spending your life exactly as your heart and soul desires. Activate Your Passion!

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Are You Achieving Your Potential?

Written by Martin Avis

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But without 100% effort no potential can be achieved - and that is a real waste.

Our programming to think in terms of A-1 extends way beyondrepparttar classroom. That is whererepparttar 123921 seed is sown, butrepparttar 123922 real effect is felt in business.

If I see a salesperson under-delivering,repparttar 123923 first thing I want to examine isrepparttar 123924 effort being put in. If there is a problem with effort,repparttar 123925 salesperson probably has no future. It is impossible to turn round someone who just wants an easy way out.

But, if I see 100% effort, but a lack of success,repparttar 123926 salesperson is worth my effort in helping along. Maybe a bit of training will help, or a few pointers from a more successful colleague. I know that 100% effort, focused inrepparttar 123927 right direction, will always bring results - and that salesperson will fulfill their own potential. Whether that is an 'A' or a 'C'.

And who can ask more than that?

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