Speed up Your Web Site and Increase Sales

Written by Leva Duell

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Studies indicate that billions of dollars in online sales may be lost each year inrepparttar U.S. due to unacceptable download speeds. Don't lose sales with a slow web site. Apply these techniques now! If you need assistance implementing any of these strategies, turn to your professional web designer and ask for help instead of wasting your valuable time.

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Internet Time Bomb Ticking

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Members ofrepparttar no-click traffic exchange can earn banner exchange credits while watching TV in another room. If you are a member of a banner exchange, you are trading high quality banner exposures for useless banner exposures.

There is no limit torepparttar 131843 number of credits you can earn withrepparttar 131844 no-click traffic exchange. The user agreement forrepparttar 131845 traffic exchange that I joined this morning clearly states "If you leaverepparttar 131846 hitbar on all night, you will get credits all night long". The traffic exchange users not only don't have to be inrepparttar 131847 same room - they don't even have to be awake!

Here's whererepparttar 131848 time bomb comes in. People are flocking to these no-click traffic exchanges. It makes sense, you can earn banner exposure credits with no work. You might even be trading your worthless credits for visits from a person who actually looks atrepparttar 131849 web pages.

Millions of people will be running these applications all night long. Many will run them 24/7. This will generate an enormous amount of traffic, slowing downrepparttar 131850 entire internet. And all this traffic will consist of computers automatically cycling through web pages that no human is looking at.

The only thing that can prevent this time bomb from exploding is if banner exchanges blockrepparttar 131851 IP addresses of all automatic traffic exchanges and don't give credit for banner exposures generated by them. And if traffic exchanges requiringrepparttar 131852 user to click guarantee that they are not redeeming credits with hits from automatic traffic exchanges.

But this will not preventrepparttar 131853 users of these applications from slowing downrepparttar 131854 internet with massive mindless traffic. The only solution is forrepparttar 131855 Internet itself to blockrepparttar 131856 IP addresses of all automatic traffic exchanges. However, I'm afraid this will not happen until after a lot of damage has been done, if ever.

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