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Written by Alvin Apple

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FedEx made their pages speedier by replacingrepparttar little graphics next to links with HTML dots. The old graphics popped ontorepparttar 134827 page one by one. Done tastefully,repparttar 134828 dots appear instantly and look just as good.

For outstanding examples of just how good plain old HTML can look, see http://www.the5k.org The site is dedicated to clever designers who create outstanding pages all under 5k. Even onrepparttar 134829 slowest of dial-up lines, these pages load in less than a second.

Step 3. Bagrepparttar 134830 Java. Java enabled links that change their look when you wave a mouse over them require three different graphics to work. A visitor's computer also has to take time to interpretrepparttar 134831 Java code. Use non-Java links instead.

Also reconsider those Java scrolling news headlines. They also take time to load. CNN took their Java ticker down, making their page load faster. Visitors never missed it.

Step 4. Cut down on links. Lots of sites have a big thick forest of links atrepparttar 134832 bottom of each page. It's doubtful many visitors even see all of these. If you've got more than ten links, you have too many. Cut some out and watch your page load just a bit faster.

While I'm all for copy-intense sites, very long copy can make a huge difference in how fast a page loads. Keep your text at around 300 words onrepparttar 134833 opening page. Inner pages can be longer.

Step 5. Repeat graphics. One ofrepparttar 134834 best ways to speed up your site is to userepparttar 134835 same graphics on every page. Once a graphic has loaded, it doesn't have to load again. I like to have a medium-sized logo atrepparttar 134836 top ofrepparttar 134837 page, then a small logo atrepparttar 134838 bottom. It adds color and personality to an otherwise plain page, giving your site a feeling of continuity.

Once you've paired down your pages, try comparing them to your competition. Clean outrepparttar 134839 cache on your browser, then time how long it takes your page to load. Now time how long it takes for competitors' pages to load. Results will vary from one user torepparttar 134840 next, but you will get a pretty good idea of where your pages stand.

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Wouldn’t you like to be a Flasher too?

Written by Amanda

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The program itself is an amalgamation of a vector drawing program with a timeline-based animation creation utility. Scripts may be written to provide content interactivity. It is an extremely valuable tool to help move your site from okay to outstanding. Links to sites which incorporate Flash may be found atrepparttar Macromedia web site or by using your favorite search engines. http://www.visia.com is a good example of what Flash can do, as isrepparttar 134826 excellent “cybermercial” available at http://www.mmiusa.com/home.html.

And nowrepparttar 134827 Shockwave Flash (swf) file format is obtaining a much wider acceptance. Adobe, Ulead and Corel are some ofrepparttar 134828 major players whose products have (or will have) swf export or viewing capability. http://openswf.org/ provides an information center for bothrepparttar 134829 programming arcana of swf and lists of third party developers – companies like Blue Pacific (http://www.blue-pac.com/), creators of software called Flash Turbine, which allows you to create dynamic Flash content based upon changing data in (for example) text or databases.

Having always been a stubborn code by hand type, I was slow to pay attention to Flash files. To flash or not to flash (paraphrasing again) was not a question I ever thought I’d be asking myself. Butrepparttar 134830 reality ofrepparttar 134831 situation is that in this day of 56k and cable modems and competition from a gazillion other web sites, coupled withrepparttar 134832 explosive and ever growing acceptance of Flash technology (no special plugin is necessary inrepparttar 134833 latest versions ofrepparttar 134834 most popular browsers) that in order to compete inrepparttar 134835 market, you almost have to be a flasher too, however perverse that may sound at first blush. I knew I needed to learn about Flashing, and started atrepparttar 134836 Macromedia web site (http://www.macromedia.com). They have a Flash site ofrepparttar 134837 day and a lot of helpful basic information about Flash4. The program is available for downloading and a 30-day trial, but beware of its learning curve and rather high intimidation factor. Flash is a powerful product indeed, and to harness that power, you have to put time and effort into it. Assuming you takerepparttar 134838 plunge and buyrepparttar 134839 product, you might be interested inrepparttar 134840 many books written about Flash. To flesh outrepparttar 134841 flashing, so to speak.

Site design being what it is today, wouldn’t you like to be a flasher too?

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