Speech Writing Tips: The 14 Speech Writing Secrets of President Bill Clinton

Written by Thomas Murrell

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6. Introduction

A well constructed introduction helped build empathy and highlighted that Clinton's life had not all been plain sailing. The fact that his father died when he was young, his mother was a nursing assistant and he was born in Hope, a town of 10,000 people, helped put his success and achievements in context.

7. Building onrepparttar sense of destiny

A strong personal brand is built on stories. The story of Clinton meeting President Kennedy when on a youth leadership camp was used to great effect. Not only was it mentioned inrepparttar 146445 introduction but that famous photo of Clinton shaking JFK's hand was also used inrepparttar 146446 marketing materials. Other brand building shots included an intimate moment with Hilary, a shot of him playingrepparttar 146447 saxophone, a jogging photo, one with Chelsea and one featuring Clinton lined up with 3 past Presidents. They all helped to define Clintonrepparttar 146448 man.

8. Customisingrepparttar 146449 message

Clinton's speech in Perth was customised to include stories relevant to a Perth market, including his memories of Perth switching on its lights at night for a US space mission re-entry and comments on a former US President's career as a mining engineer in Kalgoorlie.

9. Using humour

Clinton had some great lines about how he could have helped previous Presidents in dealing withrepparttar 146450 media in tricky situations.

10. Memorable one liners using opposites

This can be very effective. When talking about possible solutions torepparttar 146451 war against terrorism, Clinton said "most ofrepparttar 146452 big things in life are simple".

11. Repetition

Clinton used this proven speechwriting technique to great effect.

12. Using metaphors

Clinton usedrepparttar 146453 metaphor ofrepparttar 146454 gap betweenrepparttar 146455 invention ofrepparttar 146456 club andrepparttar 146457 shield to describerepparttar 146458 present situation inrepparttar 146459 war against terrorism. He said "this gap needs to closed". Metaphors can give intangible concepts more impact with an audience.

13. Develop empathy withrepparttar 146460 audience

Clinton toldrepparttar 146461 story of how he was in Australia at Port Douglas on September 11th and how his daughter Chelsea was in downtown New York. He connected with every parent inrepparttar 146462 room when he talked about his feelings when he couldn't contact his daughter for three hours on that day.

14. A call to action

The aim ofrepparttar 146463 event was to raise money for a Children's hospital. Clinton's final words were "I want you to help". Simple, direct and powerful.

I hope you have enjoyed this analysis. I certainly learnt a lot by seeing one ofrepparttar 146464 world's great communicators in action. Whatever your personal views on Clinton are ... his personal warmth, ability to connect with an audience and presentation skills are outstanding.

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5 Strategies to Streeetch Your Good Press

Written by Susan Harrow

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MY NOTE: Thanking someone sincerely opens lines of communication.

3. Write press releases that can be printed verbatim

Best of all,repparttar Ottawa Citizen printed my press release, practically word-for-word, in their Sunday color section. RelapsedCatholic's hits that day were higher than they were forrepparttar 146319 whole first month I was online!

MY NOTE: Write your press releases inrepparttar 146320 same format journalists use to write their pieces and you'll stand a better chance they'll use your words instead of struggling to capture your ideas by paraphrasing -- which can lead to a different interpretation than you intended.

4. Network withrepparttar 146321 press at your speaking engagements

I was asked to sit on a Periodical Association of Canada panel, Writing about Religion forrepparttar 146322 Secular Press. I also held a book signing during BookExpo Canada. Networking afterrepparttar 146323 panel discussion led to new friendships with other writers/editors. And again, a spike in page views. Hits torepparttar 146324 webpage have remained fairly high, increasing four-fold sincerepparttar 146325 site's inception in November 2000. My logs show an increasing number of regular return visitors sincerepparttar 146326 press release went out. Hits went from about 300/month in November to more than 2000 in April, and have remained steady since. I anticipate May's hits will be aboutrepparttar 146327 same due to upcoming story in Catholic Register, and continued mention inrepparttar 146328 by-line of my Toronto Star column.

MY NOTE: Writers and editors are more likely to listen to you once you've spoken on a panel (or at a keynote or workshop). You've established yourself as an expert -- someone who has expertise and is worth speaking with.

5. Continue sharing your news withrepparttar 146329 right targeted media

MY NOTE: Once you getrepparttar 146330 publicity ball rolling, keep it in motion by following any leads that could bring you more readers, recognition and sales.

Kathy sent me her story and now has opened another avenue to more publicity for her one mention. Excellent work, Kathy!

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