Specialized Solutions, Inc. Introduces CDIA+

Written by Cheryl Pelchat

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About Specialized Solutions, Inc.

Upon Specialized Solutions, Inc.'s inception in 1996repparttar company focused primarily on training forrepparttar 107821 IT industry. Specialized Solutions has since expanded its horizons, offering custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training strategies for a vast array of topics involving many aspects of corporate technology and culture. Specialized Solutions utilizes learning techniques to address an individual's learning style through *SAVI concepts.

Specialized Solutions, Inc. provides cost-effective distance learning solutions to successfully train Specialized Solutions' students for a new career in information technology or to meet continuing education objectives inrepparttar 107822 information technology industry, as well asrepparttar 107823 certification exam. *Specialized Solutions concepts arerepparttar 107824 assessment of learning styles based onrepparttar 107825 Somatic (learning by doing), Auditory (learning by hearing), Visual (learning by seeing), and Intellectual (learning by thinking) techniques.

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What To Do When Windows Won't Boot-Up

Written by otis f cooper

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Now you uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files (recommended).You will see a warning and click Yes and click OK.Copyrepparttar files ntldr,ntdetect.com and boot.ini ontorepparttar 107820 disk.Removerepparttar 107821 disk and label itrepparttar 107822 Windows XP Boot Disk.

After making your boot disk,recheck "Hide protected operating system files and folders (recommended)" inrepparttar 107823 Folder Options dialog box.

To userepparttar 107824 disk when Windows XP won't boot,placerepparttar 107825 disk inrepparttar 107826 drive,and unto re-booting,the computer, Windows simply bypassrepparttar 107827 basic boot files onrepparttar 107828 hard drive and continue to boot up.

If The PC Won't Boot Pass Windows

FIRST......If your Operating System is Windows Millennium,turn onrepparttar 107829 computer and immediately press and hold downrepparttar 107830 CTRL key.Oncerepparttar 107831 startup options appear,releaserepparttar 107832 CTRL key. Select Safe Mode and press Enter.You are now in Windows limited version.If you know what caused your computer not to boot,you can now either change or delete that program.

SECOND....Repair your Registry by selecting Start,Run and typing "scanregw /fix" and press enter.This will fix any damage done torepparttar 107833 Registry. You can also restore your registry which replaces your current registry with an earlier copy that was backed up by your computer.Click on Start,Run and type "scanregw /restore" and press Enter.

To repair your Windows 98 Registry,hold downrepparttar 107834 CTRL key as you startrepparttar 107835 PC and select "Command Prompt Only".Type "scanreg /fix" and press Enter and "scanreg/restore" to restore a previousely saved copy ofrepparttar 107836 Registry.

If you have Windows XP,press F8 after rebootingrepparttar 107837 PC should Windows freeze while booting up. You can select "Last Known Good Configuration" after rebooting to allowrepparttar 107838 computer to bootrepparttar 107839 last backed up files.And you can choose "Safe Mode" to remove any files you know causedrepparttar 107840 operating system to hang up.

Otis F. Cooper is solely dedicated to boosting the knowledge and confidence of every computer user that is serious about knowing computers.Use his informative articles and videos to understand every aspect about the PC.Read more about his formula for pc training at http://www.ultimatepcrepair.com

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