Spam Spasms & Spamocidal Mania

Written by Linda Cox

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But spam... hooboy!


I believe we should have a constitutional amendment allowing cruel and unusual punishment inrepparttar case of spammers. Maybe that tummy thing likerepparttar 132840 Japanese do when they get depressed.

As with drugs, mere possession of bulk emailing software should result inrepparttar 132841 immediate confiscation ofrepparttar 132842 computer it was on, as well as any nice clothes, jewelry, or lawn statuary that might have been purchased with spam profits.

Just thinking about sending spam should be illegal, like joking about bombs in an airport. If I get to be Grand Inquisatrix, I'll have my own force of men-in-black dudes to sniff out spamsters and be really mean to them and call them names until they promise to be good little Netizens again.

It's for their own good.


Having looked atrepparttar 132843 Websites of some ofrepparttar 132844 anti-spam crusaders, I know that I am not alone in my revulsion, disgust and utter skin-crawling contempt for spam.

Like them, I have turned a blind-eye to more mundane problems like hunger, illiteracy, disease, country music and poverty so as to focus onrepparttar 132845 true menace plaguing our cyber-society.

If you wish to support my crusade, you may do so by sending me $99, and as a free gift I'll send you a CD withrepparttar 132846 email addresses of 40 million Netizens eagerly awaiting news of your latest product or service.

Linda Cox (J.A.M.G.) was born in a speeding stagecoach amid the screams of fellow passengers as insane, wild-eyed horses dragged them all crashing toward the brink of destruction. That stagecoach was the planet Earth, those passengers were the human race, and Linda Cox is Just Another Marketing Guru. (The horses were just regular horses.)

SPAM and how it can save you money!

Written by George Kosch

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Most people would probably pay for such a service that provided them with updates on business scams and companies that are going under. But, it's free for us all. As a matter of fact, I recently worked on a software problem with one of Microsoft's tech support people. This guy was one ofrepparttar core database programmers that you just don't see everyday onrepparttar 132839 street. During our work we had a short break whilerepparttar 132840 program was compiling so I asked him how long he worked forrepparttar 132841 largest company inrepparttar 132842 world. He told me, just over two years.

Then it hit me, I asked him how Microsoft blocked spam. I figured this grand company had some secret way of doing it and just had to know. He told me that he gets about a hundred spams a day on average and that there is no way to block it since it is just so rampant. So folks if Microsoft can't stop it, spam is here to stay, so let's use it and save some of our hard earned money.

Oh, look at whatrepparttar 132843 cat just dragged in…

Spam clip…

------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Consumers, Increase your Business Sales! How?? By targeting millions of buyers via e-mail !! 25 MILLION EMAILS + Bulk Mailing Software For Only $150.00 super low price! ACT NOW !!!

Our Fresh Addresses Will Bring You Incredible Results!


Need I say more?

George Kosch MSc. is Webmaster for, a renowned technology services consultant and educator. He has appeared as a speaker in several technology seminars and on Canadian television as an industry expert.For other helpfulinformation on how to grow your business, go to

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