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Written by Mari Peckham

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As a marketer, using these lists can get you in tons of trouble. Once labeled as a Spammer, it is hard to rid yourself of that reputation, whether you were spamming on purpose, or you were a victim of a bad "list". You can be dropped from your hosting service or ISP. Companies that you are promoting using Spam will cancel your accounts.

Bottom line: If you are not sure that it is NOT Spam, then don't do it. Develop your own list of opt-in subscribers by offering a newsletter, free information, or something else that will get people to take notice of you. Both YahooGroups ( and Topica ( offer free, easy-to-use service that will manage your subscribers for you. You can find other similar services onrepparttar Internet. This is one ofrepparttar 132785 most responsive forms of advertising, because you haverepparttar 132786 opportunity to develop a relationship with your list members.

You can also use a mailing list building service, such as Free Mailer 2000 (, although you will need to advertise your mailing list builder site in order to build your mailing list.

Safelists can be another safe way to getrepparttar 132787 word out about your business, but vary in responsiveness. I recommendrepparttar 132788 services of SafeListBoys ( to help you find lists and easily manage your safelist activity for a small monthly fee. You can also find new safelists by entering "safelists" in any search engine, but watch out for those "BULK" mailing list services that may fall inrepparttar 132789 unscrupulous SPAM category. Rule of thumb, if you aren't a member yourself and know for a fact thatrepparttar 132790 list is opt-in, don't use it!

If you are choosing to spam, stop immediately. It may be getting you a handful of responses right now, butrepparttar 132791 painful consequences of your actions can cancel out any benefits that you may find.

If we, as an Internet marketing community, would all agree to market responsibly,repparttar 132792 Internet would soon be a better place to work and live. What comes around goes around. Spam not, lest ye be spammed.

Mari is the author of MarketingPitbull, a truly step-by-step guide to creating exponential traffic flow and a residual income online, with or without your own product. Find out more about MarketingPitbull at:

"Where is My Spam"

Written by Wonder Wyant

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When I read my first issue of an ezine, if I am instantly totally impressed, I set up a subfolder for that ezine and a message rule that puts every issue in that folder. I generally eagerly read them as soon as I see I have unopened mail in that folder. If I find later that I am not enjoying that ezine as much, I moverepparttar whole folder to another catagory or I unsubscribe and deleterepparttar 132782 folder.

I also have a subfolder called 'Checking Out'. If I am not totally enamored withrepparttar 132783 ezine, it goes into a subfolder in that file. I have these labeled: 'Daily's", 'Weekly's' and 'Monthly's. I addrepparttar 132784 from address torepparttar 132785 appropriate message rule and those ezines go to their folders.

I readrepparttar 132786 'Checking Out' ezines as time allows. Very often, byrepparttar 132787 second or third issue,repparttar 132788 ezine has graduated it its own folder. I sort by name and readrepparttar 132789 'Daily's' more often thatrepparttar 132790 others but I do at least scan them all.

If I have received 5 or 6 issues of an ezine and it still remains in my just looking folder, I am not very interested in that ezine. I unsubscribe. Ezine editors might want to note that, when they send me 4 or more 'solos' in a day, I am probably only seeing one real issue of their ezine when I'm trying to decide if I want to remain subscribed.

I have to admit that I've recently added a new subfolder called 'Free Ad Subs'. Yep, you guessed it, stuff I don't read unless have extra time or I need an ad code. I will stay subscribed though until I figure out a better way to market.

I don't know, maybe I'm just too new out here to know what canned meat is.

If you'd like some helpful hints on how to manage 400+ ezines in your mailbox, send for my free helpful article "Manage Your E-mail"

Wonder Wyant is a retired carny and the editor of "Geeks, Freaks and Bamboozles" a new ezine about both the carnival she retired from and the one she retired to. To get in prelaunch, You can check out her newest 'teddybear' at

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