Spam Fighter's Toolkit

Written by Ralph Tegtmeier

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The all-time classic to report spam to isrepparttar not-for-profit Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC. < >

The Network Abuse Clearinghouse is a complaint service that will forward your spam complaints torepparttar 132826 culprits flooding your mail box. < >

The MMF Hall of Humiliation takesrepparttar 132827 approach of ridicule to combat spammers. Lots of parodies and spoofs of obnoxious unsolicited commercial emails, and more. Still, it has a very serious background, informing in detail about fraud indictments and offering rudimentary legal analysis of spam scams. < >

This site offers monthly case studies of reporting spam and lists successes. You'll see that while it's quite an uphill battle, it can be done. < >

Reporting Tools --------------- Some abuse reporting tools are listed here: < ools.html >

As for anything onrepparttar 132828 net, there's a fitting mailing list available for people interested in software tools that detect and process unsolicited bulk e-mail: < >

Proactive Strategies --------------------

UXN Spam Combat offers a nice one-page form aggregating allrepparttar 132829 tools you need to solverepparttar 132830 spam problem, ranging from NSlookup and Trace Routing to Pings, decoding of obfuscated web URLs, etc. Very useful. < >

Uni-encodingrepparttar 132831 email addresses displayed on your web site is still a very efficient method of thwaring email address harvesters or extractor bots: < >

This page offers you tools to "poison"repparttar 132832 spambots with by feeding them tons of invalid email addresses. While this admittedly places some strain on bandwidth and system resources, it's also pretty easy to crash a spammer's system this way - ah, sweet revenge! < >

Many spammers are now offering their pathetic wares not viarepparttar 132833 internet but offline, preferably using toll free numbers. This article outlines a strategy on where and how to hit them hard - in their pockets! < >

Probablyrepparttar 132834 most effective method of prevention is blocking spammers and their harvester bots from your web site altogether. This tip expoundsrepparttar 132835 strategy to pursue. < >

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) is an international organization promoting anti-spam legislation. < > They also publish "True Tales of Spam" here, where you may see your own story featured some day if you wish tp submit it: < ales/index.shtml >

Fighting spam with procmail under Unix is discussed in detail here: < >

The Mega Zine SpamScript software generates tons of bogus email addresses onrepparttar 132836 fly to feed (and crash!) spambot systems with. < >

For people who can't run CGI on their systems, here's a remotely hosted version ofrepparttar 132837 spam script: < >

Tips on how to lure in spambots to special, "poisoned" sections of your site while keeping away innocent visitors can be found here: < >

Articles -------- Steven Champeon, Save Your Site from Spambots. Techniques to Prevent Address Scraping < >

Spambot Fighting site: < >

Humor ----- As a comic aside, spam haikus (some more, some less witty) are featured byrepparttar 132838 chockfull here: < >

Finally, yours truly's "Spam Sonnet" is offered as an educative example of what spam can inflict onrepparttar 132839 sensitive artistic mind ... < >

Ralph Tegtmeier is the co-founder and principal of Ltd. He has been a web marketer since 1994 and is editor-in-chief of fantomNews, a free newsletter focusing on search engine optimization, available at: < > You can contact him at

Spam Hysteria

Written by Robert Taylor

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Those who use spam asrepparttar method of getting their advertisements out should be stopped. But not by taking allrepparttar 132825 innocent people down with them.

True spam is usually fairly easy to spot. There is a bogus return address consisting of nonsensical numbers and letters, either no way is provided to remove yourself fromrepparttar 132826 list or a bogus address is provided as a means of removing yourself fromrepparttar 132827 list, there is a footer inrepparttar 132828 message which contains a supposed act ofrepparttar 132829 United States Congress defining spam, or other such obvious items.

99.9% ofrepparttar 132830 ezines I have read have a clear and easy way to unsubscribe. Should you userepparttar 132831 link and find you have not been unsubscribed, it is possible you subscribed using another email address which is being forwarded to your current address. The ezine publisher cannot unsubscribe you withoutrepparttar 132832 original address from which you subscribed.

If you are really upset by spam, why not concentrate on those who are truly guilty of spamming, and notrepparttar 132833 innocents. Use your efforts to punishrepparttar 132834 guilty instead of indiscriminately crying spam every time a piece of email hits your inbox.

As an ezine publisher I get a great deal of spam in my inboxes. Rather than waste my precious time trying to track spammers down or reporting them to Spam Cop, I use my delete button. It is efficient and deadly. The spam is gone as soon as I hit delete.

One ofrepparttar 132835 truly great characteristics ofrepparttar 132836 internet is its use forrepparttar 132837 free exchange of information. This freedom is being seriously challenged by those who believe inrepparttar 132838 indiscriminate use of Spam Cop or other such anti-spam organizations.

I can't speak for you, but I get a great deal of information, education and entertainment fromrepparttar 132839 many ezines to which I subscribe. It would be a severe loss if they all quit publishing because ofrepparttar 132840 fear of false spam accusals shutting them down.

In conclusion, spam should be stopped. However, it must be stopped with common sense and discrimination, not with a vigilante mentality. Being accused of spamming is one ofrepparttar 132841 rare instances in current human history where you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

Whatever happened torepparttar 132842 concept of innocent until proven guilty?

Should anyone out there in cyberspace have a universally acceptable definition of spam and a means of fairly and judiciously enforcing it, I am extremely interested in your viewpoints.

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