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Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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< > For direct sales consultants who exchange ideas and suggestions on building a client base, fund raising, recruiting, booking, inspiration, motivation, party games, contests, merchandising, holiday ideas and more.

< > This is a function ofrepparttar Entrepreneurial Parents ( ) website. A forum for Entrepreneurial Parents (EPs) to connect directly with each other, discussing topics ranging from balancing work and family under one roof, to sharing practical business tips, to collective brainstorming, to supporting each other in responsible parenthood.

< > The MomPack (TM) is a cooperative, not-for-profit organization, founded by working moms, run by working moms and for working moms to exchange business information amongst each other to help promote and advertise each other's businesses on and offline.


Do not overlookrepparttar 132823 value of getting your site listed in search engines, which will bring prospective customers to *you*. There are still many engines that will list your site for free. If you plan to do this yourself, walk do not run to < >. Jim Wilson carries one ofrepparttar 132824 most complete free site submission resources we have seen.

Merle at < > also has a wealth of resources at her site. She specializes in promoting websites and handles our monthly search engine submissions forrepparttar 132825 ParentPreneur Club. Her prices are very reasonable.


Press releases should be part of your marketing plan, as well. There is nothing so cost effective as having your business mentioned in an offline publication or other medium. One newspaper article could result in dozens of leads for your business. Karon Thackston has put together a free email course on how to write effective press releases. To receive it, send a blank email to < > Karon can also handle your PR needs. < >

Another interesting offer comes from JeriLynn Thomas ofrepparttar 132826 Womens News Bureau. Jerilynn is offering a PR Boot Camp tailored torepparttar 132827 needs of female entrepreneurs. Check it out at < >


Finally, there will come a time when you will need to pay for some advertising. Ezines that go out to your target audience give you a big bang for your advertising buck - your cost per thousand (CPM) is generally way less than what you could expect to pay in other media. Most sites that publish an ezine carry an advertising page.

We could devote several more articles torepparttar 132828 particulars of writing ads and creating marketing campaigns. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that writing advertising copy is not an exact science. No one can guarantee how your audience will respond to an ad, no matter how well you think it turned out. The big marketers always test ads first and we suggest you do. You can buy ezine ads at deep discounts at < > (another site run by Merle of MCPromotions). We use it ourselves to sell remnant space in our ezines and have bought ads in other newsletters at a fraction of their published rates. This is a great resource for anyone who needs to advertise their businesses.

As you can see, there are lots of low-cost options for promoting your business online that do not entail bulk email. They're easy to implement and are proven to work... try them and see!

Donna Schwartz Mills is the work-at-home parent behind the ParentPreneur Club < > Find out how we're getting healthy while earning a healthy living at home - < >.

Spam Cop... Public Servant Or Self- Proclaimed GOD!!

Written by John Colanzi

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Wake up marketers, you could be next. You could berepparttar next one attacked byrepparttar 132821 Spam Cop McCarthyism. Don't take your liberty for granted.

The internet is still experiencing growing pains and for some reason these individuals have appointed themselves as repparttar 132822 internets version of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

I refuse to cave in to these elitists who feel it's their duty to tell me how I'm inrepparttar 132823 wrong no matter whatrepparttar 132824 proof torepparttar 132825 contrary.

The media already controlsrepparttar 132826 air waves. The internet is one ofrepparttar 132827 only bastions of free expression left forrepparttar 132828 average person.

Don't let freedom of speech and free enterprise go ontorepparttar 132829 endangered species list because of these self - appointed censors.

I will not go quietly and I hope you feelrepparttar 132830 same way.

If I wanted to be controlled by a dictator I'd move to Iraq.

Since I live in America, I still expect due process and I refuse to cave in to faceless terrorists.

Let freedom ring.

Wishing You Success, John

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe If you want to cash in with your own direct response web site visit:

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