Spam: Hiding Your Email Address

Written by Richard Lowe

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For example,repparttar following email address:

will be shown in Unicode as:

webmaster @internet

As you can see fromrepparttar 132830 table below, using Unicode characters is simple. Just substituterepparttar 132831 Unicode sequence inrepparttar 132832 table forrepparttar 132833 corresponding character. Then use all of those sequences wherever you want to put that email address.

@ @ E E M M U U c c k k s s . . F F N N V V d d l l t t - - G G O O W W e e m m u u _ _ H H P P X X f f n n v v A A I I Q Q Y Y g g o o w w B B J J R R Z Z h h p p x x C C K K S S a a i i q q y y D D L L T T b b j j r r z z

I suppose it is inevitable thatrepparttar 132834 scum spammers will eventually make their spam robots smart enough to understand these codes. Until then, however, it is a reasonably effective technique for reducing spam in your inbox.

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Spam is no vegetable!

Written by Shah N. Khan

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Quite a few big companies also utilize Spam techniques. Many people abhor such intrusion on their time and privacy but many people like to get mail. The popularity of email lists is growing. Many new list servers have come.

How can you deal with Spam?

Simply hit reply button and write stop in Subject. Most people will honor your advice exceptrepparttar mischief-makers Unless you find thatrepparttar 132829 Spam is due to ignorance of internet rules, do not waste time in writing to advise that you find spamming to be invasive and annoying, and urge them to stoprepparttar 132830 practice immediately However, many spammers hide their real email address and many such replies bounce.

In such cases, you can write torepparttar 132831 postmaster ofrepparttar 132832 spammer's Internet

service provider, complaining that they are disturbing your privacy. This is not always effective, as unscrupulous spammers have found ways to make their messages appear to originate from another provider entirely. But if your message does get through,repparttar 132833 Internet service provider may cancelrepparttar 132834 spammer's account.

Laws are rapidly changing. The business organizations and individuals can get into trouble if they display total disregard torepparttar 132835 rules regarding email broadcast. In Europe and USrepparttar 132836 laws and rules are enforced strictly and many people lose their ISP for spamming.

Shah N. Khan has over 20 years experience in marketing and supervising life insurance sales force besides underwriting and advertising. He is now editing a weekly ezine Fraternity Briefs Online http://www.yahoogroups/group/fraternity2 He also works as Internet Marketing Consultants and helps his two sons in their web designing business.

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