Spam: Bozo Filters

Written by Richard Lowe

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Note that you must be careful thatrepparttar phrases are specific torepparttar 109646 type of message you want to delete. Otherwise, you will wind up deleting messages which you actually want to receive. For example, let's say a common phrase is "sex movies for sale". You should addrepparttar 109647 whole phrase to your filter, not a short word like "sale" which could unintentionally delete messages about other things.

Note that your filter should moverepparttar 109648 messages torepparttar 109649 trash, and you should always take a quick scan ofrepparttar 109650 messages in your email trash can before deleting. This will help prevent you from accidentally deleting a valid message. Filters are not perfect.

Some good phrases to add to your bozo filters are:

Click here to be removed. bulk e-mail bulk e mail MLM multilevel I just found your address by searching through adult adults only If you are under 21 This is a one-time mailing This is not a spam million dollars Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618 Bill 1618 Title III Since your email address was listed on a related Web site… Claim your prize

Once you've spent some time creating a few bozo filters, you will begin to realizerepparttar 109651 power at your fingertips. Usingrepparttar 109652 filtering components of products such as Outlook and Outlook express, you can automatically file emails in specific folders, forward them without your intervention and of course delete spam. Have fun and use these to help improve your productivity.

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Autoresponders: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

Written by Marilynn Sheehan

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I love my primary business. Although it isrepparttar most lucrative business I've tried, prospects worry about havingrepparttar 109645 time to build a business.

Autoresponders can come to your rescue. Oncerepparttar 109646 autoresponders have donerepparttar 109647 recruiting for me,repparttar 109648 next objective is to getrepparttar 109649 training done quickly and effectively.

I have written a concise set of autoresponders designed to train new people, and they love it! They're a bit quirky, and fun, and they really are gettingrepparttar 109650 job done. My people are making money fast!

Step by step, I providerepparttar 109651 insights gained through my own blood, sweat, and tears. I tell recruits exactly what works... and what doesn't. This dramatically reducesrepparttar 109652 learning curve for new people and puts them into profit much more quickly.

By harnessingrepparttar 109653 power of autoresponders, I attained director positions in 2 well respected network marketing companies in a matter of months, so I can vouch forrepparttar 109654 power of these "silent sales agents."

I encourage you to "experience"repparttar 109655 power ofrepparttar 109656 autoresponders that I use at one of my sites.

Simply fill outrepparttar 109657 request form, andrepparttar 109658 autoresponder will tell you everything you need to know about my business. And.. hopefully, it will get your creative juices flowing and give you ideas for turbo charging your business as well!

Marilynn Sheehan

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