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Written by Linda Plummer

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The origins of Paradores go back to 1910, whenrepparttar Spanish Government assignedrepparttar 140359 Marquis de la Vega Inclánrepparttar 140360 task of creating a hotel infrastructure for vacations which would house travellers and improve Spain´s image abroad.

In 1926, throughrepparttar 140361 Royal Tourism Commission established in 1911,repparttar 140362 Marquis de la Vega Inclán initiatedrepparttar 140363 establishment of a hotel inrepparttar 140364 Gredos Mountains in Castilla La Mancha, making repparttar 140365 wonders ofrepparttar 140366 area´s landscape accessible to tourism.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain was very enthusiastic aboutrepparttar 140367 idea and he, personally, choserepparttar 140368 location. Construction began in August 1926 and was completed onrepparttar 140369 evening of 9 October 1928. The hotel was inaugurated that same day and becamerepparttar 140370 first establishment ofrepparttar 140371 future Paradores Spain network,repparttar 140372 Parador de Gredos.

Afterrepparttar 140373 opening ofrepparttar 140374 Parador de Gredos,repparttar 140375 Board of Paradores and Inns was formed and efforts were channelled into perfectingrepparttar 140376 original idea and into making use of selected historical/artistic monuments and beautiful landscapes forrepparttar 140377 establishment of new Paradores Spain.

So, why not consider making your stay in Spain rather unique by picking a Parador?

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Granada Spain - Glorious City Of Southern Spain

Written by Linda Plummer

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The Plaza de San Nicolas, atrepparttar highest point ofrepparttar 140358 Albaicín, is famous for its magnificent view ofrepparttar 140359 Moorish Palace.

Sacromonte Hill, which overlooksrepparttar 140360 city fromrepparttar 140361 north, is famous for its cave dwellings, once home to a large gypsy community. Here, you can find some ofrepparttar 140362 best flamenco shows in Andalucia.

Perhapsrepparttar 140363 most important Christian monument of Granada is repparttar 140364 Cathedral. Built in 1523, Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand are buried there inrepparttar 140365 Royal Chapel.

Among museums well-worth visiting arerepparttar 140366 Art Museum inrepparttar 140367 Palacio de Carlos V atrepparttar 140368 Alhambra,repparttar 140369 Alhambra Museum, repparttar 140370 Cathedral Museum,repparttar 140371 Archaeological Museum andrepparttar 140372 Science Museum.

Ifrepparttar 140373 children become a little bored with sightseeing, they will just loverepparttar 140374 activities available inrepparttar 140375 nearby Sierra Nevada ski resort orrepparttar 140376 beautiful beaches not too far away. And so will you!

So ... come visit Granada and haverepparttar 140377 time of your lives!

Linda Plummer is webmistress of Top Tour of Spain providing information on Spain for travel, food, language and living.

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