Spain´s Beaches - You´re Spoilt For Choice

Written by Linda Plummer

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The Campaign gives an exclusive, eco-label award (ierepparttar Blue Flag) based on compliance with 27 criteria spread over four categories: water quality; environmental education and information; environmental management; and safety services.

The awards are made for one season only and if any of repparttar 140355 categories are not fulfilled duringrepparttar 140356 bathing season, or if conditions change overrepparttar 140357 season,repparttar 140358 FEE withdrawsrepparttar 140359 awards.

So, where are all these 1,779 coastal bathing areas to be found?

On Spain´s mainland, there are 16 different "costas", and then you also haverepparttar 140360 beaches ofrepparttar 140361 Balearic and Canary Islands.

And, what arerepparttar 140362 names of these 16 sensational costas? Why not come to Spain and enjoy discovering them for yourself!

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Can you tell me how to get to a Beaches Resort on Sesame Beach?

Written by William Lezubski

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If you're a kid at heart, but want to get away from it all! Don't worry, because Beaches Resorts provide adults a wide variety of things to do from scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, andrepparttar option to just relax onrepparttar 140316 beach enjoyingrepparttar 140317 soft powdery Caribbean sand. Later stop by one of their exciting bars and have a premium brand beverage to cool off.

Your kids will have a vacation they can call their own, and will have a blast playing XBOX® inrepparttar 140318 resorts Game Oasis Center, visit cute animals at a petting zoo, splash away at their very own water park, and if their energy level is still on overdrive, your kids can go and play a round of golf!

Whenrepparttar 140319 sun starts to fade, this is whenrepparttar 140320 fun begins! As a family, you will spend quality time together dining at one of Beaches world class restaurants with international cuisine, and listen to allrepparttar 140321 adventures your children experienced that day!

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