Southwest Style Decorating Tips

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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Finally, you will want to choose matching accessories. For each ofrepparttar major colors inrepparttar 137499 rug, you'll want to have two to three items of a similar color aroundrepparttar 137500 room; otherwise,repparttar 137501 color may look random and not mesh withrepparttar 137502 rest ofrepparttar 137503 room. Additionally, you will want to have wooden pieces and tan pieces to break uprepparttar 137504 bright colors ofrepparttar 137505 Southwest style. Ivory and turquoise pieces will also make beautiful additions torepparttar 137506 room.

Southwest style has a bright, cozy feel. The colors are warm, earth tones so guests tend to feel welcome and you feel comfortable. Rooms in this style tend to be good for playing games or talking;repparttar 137507 colors stimulate action and conversation, so be sure to use this in a room where you truly want that atmosphere. Find authentic Native American pieces when you can, and use desert photographs to decoraterepparttar 137508 walls. Your creativity will help you envision hundreds of ways to decorate your room inrepparttar 137509 Southwest style, and each will be interesting, invigorating, and beautiful.

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How to Deal With Contractors

Written by John Mussi

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Talk with some ofrepparttar contractor's former customers and ask:

Can I visit your home to seerepparttar 137498 completed job?

Were you satisfied withrepparttar 137499 project?

Was it completed on time? Did workers show up on time?

Did they clean up after finishingrepparttar 137500 job?

Would you recommendrepparttar 137501 contractor? Would you userepparttar 137502 contractor again?

You should not start any project without having a contact in place. A contract spells out the, who, what, where, when and cost of your project. The agreement should be clear, concise and complete. Before you sign a contract, make sure it contains:

The contractor's name, address, phone nubmer

The payment schedule forrepparttar 137503 contractor

An estimated start and completion date

How change orders will be handled

A detailed list of all materials

Warranties covering materials and workmanship

Whatrepparttar 137504 contractor will and will not do

Keep all paperwork related to your project in one place. This includes copies ofrepparttar 137505 contract, change orders and correspondence with your home improvement professionals. You also might want to take photographs asrepparttar 137506 job progresses. These records are especially important if you have problems with your project during or after construction.

Before you sign off and makerepparttar 137507 final payment check that:

All work meetsrepparttar 137508 standards spelled out inrepparttar 137509 contract. You have written warranties for materials and workmanship.

The job site has been cleaned up and cleared of excess materials, tools and equipment.

You have inspected and approvedrepparttar 137510 completed work.

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