South Beach Diet - US vs. World

Written by Laura Ciocan

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Well,repparttar question is whetherrepparttar 131448 European and Asian countries, that have a food history and tradition will be influenced byrepparttar 131449 this low carb craze. And it seems that they have no reason to be as they are doing very well on their traditional eating.

Most likely to "enroll" arerepparttar 131450 British that have begun to facerepparttar 131451 same obesity problem. Popularization ofrepparttar 131452 diet is being made in India, as well.

The low-carbs matter is hardly known in countries as France, Italy or Germany where French baguettes, Italian pasta and potatoes are almost sacred. Fromrepparttar 131453 European countriesrepparttar 131454 healthiest diet that is being practiced isrepparttar 131455 Mediterranean diet that basically resemblesrepparttar 131456 South Beach diet, only it is much older.

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Understanding Tumescent Liposuction

Written by Tammy Corbett

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Risks and Side Effects of Tumescent Liposuction

There are risks and side effects associated with any type of surgery. However, tumescent liposuction is a safe procedure with very few side effects. Shouldrepparttar following types of side effects occur, they are usually easily corrected.

•Skin irregularity •Lumpiness •Dimpling •Loose skin •Infections

Tumescent Liposuction Recovery

Recovery time varies significantly from person to person. Many patients are able to walk out ofrepparttar 131446 office without assistance and get back to their regular routine within a few days. The soonerrepparttar 131447 patient begins to move around,repparttar 131448 fasterrepparttar 131449 healing progresses. For others, healing may entailrepparttar 131450 following:

•It takes almost six weeks for any resulting scar to begin to soften and a full year to heal completely. •A patient may feel temporary numbness inrepparttar 131451 treated area becauserepparttar 131452 local anesthetic remains inrepparttar 131453 tissue for twenty-four hours or more after surgery. •Some patients may experience minor discomfort afterrepparttar 131454 numbness wears off. •Physical exercise is not recommended until at least a week after surgery.

Most patients are generally alert and able to function after surgery; they do not experience nausea and grogginess usually associated with general anesthesia.

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