Soul Shock - The real Soul Mate phenomenon

Written by Steve Gunn

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In time, Robert did contact her. Fiona, however, found it very difficult to talk to him. He frequently contradicted himself and didnít seem to have a clue what he was doing, how he felt or what he wanted. This, of course, made it much harder for her to be in contact withrepparttar man she loved so much, as she still struggled to make sense of why he had run inrepparttar 138646 first place.

This is a very common albeit totally bizarre and bewildering phase that nearly always occurs in these relationships. Whilerepparttar 138647 more aware soul feelsrepparttar 138648 immense sense of pain and loss,repparttar 138649 Ďrunner,í who mostly has a ton of issues, is absolutely confused byrepparttar 138650 power ofrepparttar 138651 connection and will seem to contradict themselves and not know quite whatís going on. Itís common to hear ĎI love you,í then a week later, ĎI donít love you,í and a host of other seemingly weird behaviors.

Understand, however, that this is your soul partner struggling to understand whatís going on within them, as they are also totally overwhelmed byrepparttar 138652 feelings and confusion thatrepparttar 138653 connection brings.

At this point, I asked Fiona to trust me and to follow some simple rules for communication. She agreed when she realizedrepparttar 138654 present interaction was confusing her even more. I asked Fiona to set out what she wanted from Robert, make it clear to him, then to back away. To insist that, if and when he called, she didnít want to hear how bad his life was, especially after she had offered everything to make him happy. And that if he could not be there for her, then to putrepparttar 138655 phone down.

Staying strong in this phase takes an awful lot of guts and faith when your runner seems so close to returning. To push them away unless certain criteria are met is scary when you so fear losing them again. But Fiona did itÖ And, as in most cases, after a while it worked. Itís said that runners return properly whenrepparttar 138656 pain of separation is greater thanrepparttar 138657 fear of commitment.

And by refusing to negotiate on anything other than coming together properly, Fiona made Robert realize he had to face this once and for all or lose her.

They met, they talked, she called me. Robert had accepted he couldnít go on as he had and he was prepared to face his fears and give it a go. Many more meetings occurred before Fiona was sure he was ready and knew that he would face his fear of commitment.

When finally they both came together again, and had putrepparttar 138658 past behind them, Fiona asked Robert to come to me for a reading and consultation. Seeing a runner is a rare opportunity for me, because when most reconciliations occur, my work is done.

Robert arrived and it was apparent he had no idea what to expect. I gave him a psychic reading and saw what was going on within him and how he had struggled to make sense ofrepparttar 138659 past couple of years. What he said was a real eye opener for me, a rare chance to see howrepparttar 138660 incredible intensity of a soul connection can scarerepparttar 138661 daylights out of someone seemingly so strong and together.

He started talking about a time before Christmas when he realized just how deeply he felt for Fiona and, although he had always shunned commitment of any sort, he had decided to ask her to marry him. On his way to buy a ring, he talked to a friend about marriage and said he suddenly became very scared and unsure. He never did tell me whatrepparttar 138662 friend said but whatever it was plugged deep into his fears. After that, instead of asking her to marry him, Robert told Fiona it was over and that he had found someone else.

If youíre astounded reading this, so was I when I heard it. His thinking was that he couldnít go through with it and maybe he wasnít good enough for her.

What if he wasnít ready, what if it didnít work? Allrepparttar 138663 other fear and insecurity-based questions rose up in him. His thinking was if she thought he had someone else, she could move on and not follow him.

When runners run, they really do run. Robert had demonstrated absolute mastery ofrepparttar 138664 runner 180-degree speed turn. It was obvious that this man was unsure about himself - never mind what he could offer in a relationship. He made all his decisions fromrepparttar 138665 head, notrepparttar 138666 heart. He mistakenly assumed Fiona could Ďget over it.í Itís one ofrepparttar 138667 most frustrating things when runners make assumptions and donít giverepparttar 138668 other partner a chance. Thatís just what this one did.

However, now Robert was back and he was talking to me and that meant he wanted to understand what this was about and how he could deal with it. This was a terrific omen forrepparttar 138669 coupleís future.

The outcome was that Robert did start to deal with his demons. His karmic lesson was to realize that he couldnít live life by purely mental decisions. He learnt that his heart wouldnít stay away and that fightingrepparttar 138670 connection only hurt them both and, ultimately, didnít work.

I now have an invitation to their wedding on my desk

Fiona and Robertís case is very typical and, to my mind, reinforcesrepparttar 138671 same message -repparttar 138672 heart always wins inrepparttar 138673 end.

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As the Darkness Deepens by Michael Cale - Book Review

Written by Jason Sizemore

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Cale, whose 2001 novel, The Room of Shrunken Souls, was an Eppie Finalist, knows how to construct a solid story. Here he does a satisfactory job of blendingrepparttar good and evil in greedy entertainment executives, religious cults, andrepparttar 137835 Catholic Church. When all three of these groups collide inrepparttar 137836 dramatic finale,repparttar 137837 reader is given a powerful overview ofrepparttar 137838 morale fallacies harbored in day-to-day dogma. Effectively usingrepparttar 137839 dingy backdrop of south Los Angeles, he builds an array of vivid character that overflow fromrepparttar 137840 150 page novel.

Despite several annoying dialogue tics and a sometimes sloppy narrative style, Cales nailsrepparttar 137841 characters and setting. I would recommend Asrepparttar 137842 Darkness Deepens to readers as a study inrepparttar 137843 evil side of morality bringing destruction to good.

Published by LTDBooks ISBN: 1-55316-138-6 150 Pages $14.95 Hardback, $5.00 eBook

Jason Sizemore publishes Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, a quarterly literary magazine for dark sci-fi, reviews, interviews, and essays. You can find more about Jason and Apex at

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