Sorting Emotional Laundry

Written by Sibyl McLendon

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Trouble atrepparttar door should be like a democratic household: everyone has to clean up their own stuff! If I spend all my time trying to clean up after everyone I come in contact with, I will never have time or energy for anything else. I certainly won't haverepparttar 123976 energy to take care of my own stuff. This doesn't mean that I am not supportive ofrepparttar 123977 others. It doesn't mean that I just turn my back on them. It does mean, to me, that I can be supportive without taking onrepparttar 123978 problems of others. It means that I recognize that I can't make anyone else do anything, and few people are looking for someone to try and control them anyway. I can love them without making their pain a part of me.

The Apaches have a thing called a "burden basket". It is a conical-shaped basket that is carried onrepparttar 123979 back. I have always loved that name: burden basket. I really don't want to carry other people's burdens around on my back. The next time that trouble comes to your door, take some time and sort it out. Don't add things to your burden basket that don't belong to you. Lighten your load!

Sibyl McLendon is a 1/2 Navajo Business Woman living in Arizona. She is the owner of Spirit Web Design She has been designing sites for 3 years. Visit Spirit Web Design for useful information on website marketing.

Yes, You CAN Expect A Miracle!

Written by June McHardy

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(2) Begin thinking about it, dwelling onrepparttar joy of accomplishment, get excited about it, dream about it and WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER as if it is already happening to you.

(3) Make a Plan of Action with a list of steps that will move you toward your goal. Keep excited and motivated. Don't let your dream out of your sight and most important of all, don't let anyone, including yourself, cast any negativity over it. KNOW that you are inrepparttar 123975 process of creating it.

(4) Now TAKE A FIRST STEP. There's always something, however small that we can do to move us forward each day. Once you've taken that first step with positive expectancy, miraculously you will start seeing strange and wonderful things happen! Someone you meet accidentally may tell you something important - or you'll find that you pick up a book on justrepparttar 123976 right subject - and lots of amazing coincidences start showing up. This is simplyrepparttar 123977 result ofrepparttar 123978 universe marshalling its forces to move you toward your goal. Just be open and aware!

(5) Now relax! keep moving purposely forward each day, knowing that you are on track. Remember that once you have started this process, you are no longer alone in this. Stay open torepparttar 123979 signals from your subconscious, from your intuition and from your environment. These are now all working with you to show yourepparttar 123980 way.


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