"Sometimes Having It Shorter Is Better!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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* You can have sub-domains of your own sub-domain.

They also offer FREE Web based email service.

V3 - Free Redirect URL Service http://www.v3.com/

Get a Short URL, like: come.to/John, go.to/John; and a permanent email address like: john@come.to, john@go.to

CJB.Net - Free Redirect URL Service http://www.cjb.net/

CJB.NET provides free URL redirection services which allow you to redirect an easy-to-remember yourname.cjb.net address to your web site, no matter where it's hosted.

For a more complete FREE list of FREE URL Redirection Services, send a blank email to: mailto:fus@emailexchange.org

The above FREE list will provide you with about a dozen ofrepparttar best online FREE URL Redirect Services.

Most will also offer you FREE email, too.

Sign up is generally very easy and you will immediately be given a new URL to replace your two block long monstrosity.

Your URL will go from looking like: http://www.sample-lookingnamedomain.com/stretch/cgi-bin/?affiliate=456789 to something much more manageable like: http://zoom.to/mysite

The shorter URL will make better looking ad copy, will not get cropped by FFA Submission sites, and will provide you with a far greater response rate to your affiliate promotions.

When it comes to a URL, shorter is better.

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How To Track Your Online Ad Response

Written by Chee Wee

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1. CGI Scripts

If you have access to your own CGI directory, I recommend LnkinLite, a small yet powerful CGI script that tracks clicks to your site inrepparttar background. Get it at http://www.dtp-aus.com/cgiscript/lnkinlte.shtml

LinkinLite isrepparttar 131955 best free click-tracking software I have used. Another CGI script you can try consider is Prolinkz ( http://www.prolinkz.com ) but it will set you back by $45.

2. Online Tracking Services

Online tracking services count clickthroughs through their own servers. The service is usually free. Some require monthly fees or you have to upgrade to paid versions for advanced features.

Here is a list of free online click tracking services:

Hypertracker http://www.hypertracker.com

Linkcounter http://www.linkcounter.com

Here arerepparttar 131956 paid ones:

Statcruncher http://www.Statcruncher.com

Adminder http://www.adminder.com

Roibot http://www.roibot.com

The clickthrough rate for banner ads usually range from 0.5% to 3.0%, 3.0% to 5.0% for ezine ads and between 1.5% to 10.0% for text links if strategically placed.

Regardless of which tracking methods you ultimately choose to use, you need to track your advertising results. It is one ofrepparttar 131957 crucial steps to marketing success!

Chee Wee is a widely-published marketing consultant. He helps small and medium-size businesses to market successfully online. Learn how a startup site gets over 200 million pageviews monthly without spending a penny on advertising. For FREE info, email him at mailto:publicity@internetmarketingfocus.com

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