Somebody's Distributing Your Copyright Content Illegally? Know Your Facts Before You Accuse

Written by June Campbell

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A phone call to my web host confirmed they were hosting both my site andrepparttar other company's site. Since both web sites were onrepparttar 108212 same public server, any domain listed on that server would have produced identical results withrepparttar 108213 FTP URL given above. That is, you could change heirfiles/ to heirfiles/ and you would get access to this company's software. If a web administrator has set uprepparttar 108214 server to implement anonymous FTP in this fashion, then all that is necessary is for both web domains to be stored onrepparttar 108215 same server.

And that brings us torepparttar 108216 fourth mistake. If you don't want your copyright-protected software files to be available for public download, why inrepparttar 108217 wide world would you store them in a public FTP directory where everyone has free access? Public means public. If you wantrepparttar 108218 files to be available only to authorized users, doesn't it make sense to have a private, password-protected directory set up on your web site?

Had I wanted to be vindictive, I could have postedrepparttar 108219 URL to multiple newsgroups and mailing lists. Hundreds of people could have downloaded those files beforerepparttar 108220 problem was corrected. I didn't do that, but some people would.

What can be learned from this episode? 1. An understanding of basic Internet protocols is essential if you are running an Internet business. It is equally important that your agents, employees and company reps are trained, since they arerepparttar 108221 ones that are likely to makerepparttar 108222 mistakes. 2. Have a tech-guro available to advise you on issues that are beyond your current understanding. 3. If you're operating an Internet business, get a tough skin. You'll be accused of some mighty interesting stuff.

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Copyrights and Wrongs

Written by Roberta Beach Jacobson

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There‘s plenty of uncharted territory to cover and new rules to learn such as creating shorter sentences and paragraphs. This can lend a certain freshness to a stale career.

Web managers do have a problem on their hands. Practically overnight, they have been expected to become HTML savvy and produce fully-functioning, competitive sites with plenty of toots and whistles.

Often they have little or no staff. They are supposed to intelligently address an international audience, wow them, and somehome make a profit atrepparttar end.

To disguiserepparttar 108211 function of journalists by referring to them as "content providers," "word architects" or mere "slot fillers" is a disservice. Withrepparttar 108212 new titles, it ‘s easier to imagine them mindlessly churning out piece after piece to hand over without comment or concern. Instead of sitting in first class, "content providers" end up chasing afterrepparttar 108213 caboose.

Let‘s explore and celebrate this new medium together, but there‘s no passingrepparttar 108214 buck. Let‘s not allowrepparttar 108215 practice of fair compensation for good journalism to be thoughtlessly tossed outrepparttar 108216 train‘s window as we sit back and enjoyrepparttar 108217 ride.

We editors and publishers arerepparttar 108218 ones withrepparttar 108219 authority to make positive changes and we certainly haverepparttar 108220 responsibility to know exactly what‘s posted on our Websites, under what conditions it got there, where it goes next - and why.

Roberta Beach Jacobson lives on the tiny Greek island of Karpathos and is the editor of Kafenio (, the free monthly e-zine focusing on European life and culture.

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