Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom in The Untied States

Written by Mike Sylvester

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Consider this; Germany is a socialist country in every sense ofrepparttar word. Their government is large. They have large and generous retirement and entitlement programs, they have a government health care system, and they have all ofrepparttar 125882 social programs you would associate with a Socialist country. The German government spends 49% of its total GDP.

The United States is not far behind. We are becoming more Socialist each and every year. We are losing our civil liberties every year. I used to associate this withrepparttar 125883 Democratic Party, I no longer do. The Republican Party has had a majority inrepparttar 125884 House, Senate, and a Republican President in office forrepparttar 125885 last four years. In those four yearsrepparttar 125886 Federal government has increased education spending by 78%, passed a large and ineffective prescription drug program that benefitsrepparttar 125887 drug companies rather then our senior citizens, and increased spending on EVERY government program.

I believe in a smaller, more efficient government. I believe inrepparttar 125888 power ofrepparttar 125889 fifty states to make their own laws without undue Federal intervention. I believe that bigger is not necessarily better. I believe that individual’s are responsible for their own actions. I believe we need less regulation and fewer barriers to business owners. I believe inrepparttar 125890 United States Constitution. I believe this country is stillrepparttar 125891 greatest country on Earth; however, I believe it is in grave danger.

If you feel as I do, please contact me. We have organized a group of like minded people in Allen County and we are politically active in local politics. We need to elect some people to public office with views like ours and we need to keeprepparttar 125892 public informed about what our government is doing. Please call me at 260-338-0833 or contact us at

Mike Sylvester Chairman, Libertarian Party of Allen Country Fort Wayne

I am a happily married citizen in Fort Wayne, Indaina. I have two wonderful children. I am a returning adult student at IPFW preparing for the CPA exam.

A Libertarian’s Christmas Wish list for 2005

Written by Mike Sylvester

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4.I wantrepparttar state of Indiana to wake up and completely legalize gambling. We should allow as many casinos asrepparttar 125881 market can bear. We should taxrepparttar 125882 existing machines already in many Indiana bars. I am tired of allrepparttar 125883 lame arguments against gambling that I hear. Responsible citizens should be able to spend their hard earned dollars how they want to spend them; as long as they are not hurting others. 5.I wantrepparttar 125884 State of Indiana to stand up torepparttar 125885 Federal government and stop lettingrepparttar 125886 Federal government extortrepparttar 125887 citizens of Indiana. The Indiana government should not allow The Federal government to withhold our highway money just because we do not have an “Open Container Law” that meets Federal guidelines. That is absurd. Extortion is wrong; it should be stopped at once. 6.The Patriot Act needs to be modified. Thousands of innocent citizens of this country are being hassled and placed on “No Fly” lists byrepparttar 125888 Federal government including: a nun, a Master Sergeant inrepparttar 125889 military, high school students, ACLU lawyers, peace activists, reporters, and many others. Citizens of this country are being held in jail without being charged with a crime; they are not even allowed to consult with a lawyer! 7.The citizens of this country need to become more informed about what their government is doing and we need to organize and fight againstrepparttar 125890 expansion of government.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County is organized and doing what it can to opposerepparttar 125891 needless expansion of government. It is obvious that neitherrepparttar 125892 Republican norrepparttar 125893 Democratic Parties are at all interested in haltingrepparttar 125894 spread of government into every facet of our lives. Please visit our website at and see what you can do to help us. Please contact me at or call me at 260-338-0833. We must join together and defend our freedom; no one will do it for us!

Mike Sylvester Chairman ofrepparttar 125895 Libertarian Party of Allen County Fort Wayne

Mike is a navy veteran who has returned to Fort Wayne. Mike is happily married with a wonderful wife and two great kids. Mike is a returning adult student preparing for the CPA exam after working in the manufacturing sector for over 15 years.

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