Some Technical Treason and six ways to speed up your P.C..

Written by Tranni D'Electric

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I hope that this technical insight was helpful.

P.S. You may need to get special permission fromrepparttar I.S.P.C.A., or relevant Aviation authority, regardingrepparttar 118130 use of their "elastic". Use your own discretion and due diligence!

P.P.S. My esteemed Editor, recommended that I call this "six" steps, even though I could only think of five. He insisted that "Six" rolls better fromrepparttar 118131 tongue, or technically, that sliver of meat that he cleans out my ear with.

Sincerely, Tranni D'Electric.

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WHAT'S IN A NAME? -- Odd Places in America

Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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-- Bad Axe, Climax, Hell, Jugville, Kalamazoo, Podunk, Slapneck (Michigan)

-- Climax, Embarass, Nimrod, Nowthen, Savage, Sleepy Eye (Minnesota)

-- Bobo, Chunky, Dragon, Possumneck, Sanatorium, Soso, Yazoo (Mississippi)

-- Conception, Cooter, Enough, Frankenstein, Licking, Peculiar, Roach, Sleeper, Tightwad (Missouri)

-- Bitter Root, Elmo, Hungry Horse, Rocky Boy, Square Butt, Two-Dot, Yaak (Montana)

-- Colon, Fort Crook, Road, Wahoo, Weeping Water, Worms (Nebraska)

-- Bunkerville, Incline Village, Lovelock, Owyhee, Pahrump, Searchlight, Verdi-Mogul, Weed Heights, Winnemucca (Nevada)

-- Bungy, Contoocook, Hell Hollow, Lost Nation, Sandwich Landing (New Hampshire)

-- Bivalve, Brick, Ho-Ho Kus, Little Egg Harbor, Love Ladies, Succasuna (New Jersey)

-- Elephant Butte, Tingle, Truth or Consequences (New Mexico)

-- Cat Elbow Corner, Climax, Coxsackie, Hicksville, Horseheads, Peekskill, Neversink, Yaphank Yonkers (New York)

-- Climax, Gum Neck, Horneytown, Lizard Lick, Meat Camp, Tick Bite, Toast, Whynot (North Carolina)

-- Concrete, Hoople, Voltaire, Zap (North Dakota)

-- Blue Ball, Climax, Fly, Knockemstiff, Three Legs Town (Ohio)

-- Bowlegs, Frogville, Hooker, Okay, Pumpkin Center, Slapout, Slaughterville (Oklahoma)

-- Boring, Drain, Halfcom, Idiotville, Zig Zag (Oregon)

-- Balltown, Bird-in-Hand, Blue Ball, Climax, Drab, Experiment, Fear Not, Gobbler's Knob, Hempfield, Intercourse, Loyalsockville, Panic, Porkey, Scalp Level, Uno, Virginville (Pennsylvania)

-- Mooseup Valley, Quidnick, Quonochontaug, Woonsocket (Rhode Island)

-- Coward, Due West, Ninetimes, Sugar Tit (South Carolina)

-- Bath, Igloo, Lemmon, Peever, Red Shirt (South Dakota)

-- Bugscuffle, Bucksnort, Defeated, Difficult, Duck Town, Finger, Nameless, Only, Smartt, Sweet Lips, Static, Yum Yum (Tennessee)

-- Cut-n-Shoot, Dime Box, Ding Dong, Frognot, Gun Barrel City, Hoop and Holler, Leaky, Loco, Looneyville, Muleshoe, Notrees, Pointblank, Possum Kingdom, Run and Shoot, Tarzan, Trophy Club, Turkey, Twitty, Uncertain, (Texas)

-- Bald Knob, Hurricane, Lovelock, Orderville (Utah)

-- Bread Loaf, Mosquitoville, Notown, Satans Kingdom (Vermont)

-- Bumpass, Croaker, Frogtown, Goochland, Goosepimple Junction, Mutt, Nuttsville, Ordinary (Virginia)

-- Enumclaw, Humptulips, Klickitat, Kooskooskie, Tumtum, Tumwater (Washington)

-- Big Ugly, Crum, HooHoo, Looneyville, Lost City, Nitro, Odd, Paw, Pinch, War (West Virginia)

-- Embarrass, Footville, Imalone, Spread Eagle, Ubet, Wanderoos (Wisconsin)

-- Bill, Camel Hump, Meeteetse, Muddy Gap (Wyoming)


And, if you want to find these places on a map, go to:

For a complete list of placenames go to:

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