Some DSL Broadband definitions

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IPNet Telecommunications backhaul networks for carrying traffic fromrepparttar customer torepparttar 137206 ISP, i.e. carrying traffic from RAN's to ISP's.

Ping or Latency A ping measuresrepparttar 137207 time in milliseconds that it takes for a packet to travel from your computer to a remote computer and back to you again. Just because you can't ping a given host, quite a lot of providers are beginning to filter ICMP (pings come under this protocol) traffic because it is commonly used to attack hosts and wastes a lot of bandwidth. Many providers also give low priority to ping (ICMP) traffic which may mean your ping at a command line isn't very good, but in say a game, things may be fine.

RAN Regional Access Node These aggregates many DSLAM's connections and then feedrepparttar 137208 data to an ISP

RTT Round Trip Time -repparttar 137209 time it takes in milliseconds for a packet to go from A to B and back again. See ping.

SDSL Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line - symmetrical meaningrepparttar 137210 same speed up and down.


There is a major difference between UPPER and lowercase

MB = MegaBytes Mb = Megabits kB = KiloBytes kb = Kilobits

MB/s = MegaBytes per second Mb/s = Megabits per second kB/s = KiloBytes per second kb/s = Kilobits per second

There is 8bits to a Byte, 8kb = 1kB

1Meg connections only transfer at 128kB/sec. or an 8Mb connection only transfers at 1024kB/sec or 1MB/s

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Finding the best search engine

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Other features which all companies offer are: Local Search - Find things relative to a local area. For example: looking for pizza in Sacramento, California? Image Search - Rather then browsingrepparttar web to find a picture of your favorite car or digital camera, you can easily search through millions of images usingrepparttar 137192 image search provided. Movie - This is one feature which I feel really sets Yahoo apart fromrepparttar 137193 others. The ability to accurately search through thousands of videos all ofrepparttar 137194 internet in only seconds! Music - This is a feature offered only by Msn. Type in an artist or song name, and be taken to a page to view artist profile’s and discography, as well as a place to purchase music online.

Take a look around and become familiar with all ofrepparttar 137195 different services that Search Engines are offering now a days and makerepparttar 137196 most of your web experience, and find information as quickly as you need it! --

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