Some Advertising Is Doomed To Fail - Find Out Why

Written by Diane Hughes

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2. Summers are slower thanrepparttar other three seasons. This is not to say that you shouldn't advertise duringrepparttar 101205 summer. What it means is that you'll probably have to advertise more! Again,repparttar 101206 focus of most people is on planning vacations, being with their children and having fun. Because of that, most won't pay much attention to advertising that isn't specifically related to their immediate need. You'll have to up your ad frequency in order to place yourself in front of them continually.

3. Always take advantage of advertising related products during "newsworthy" times. Nationally or locally, if your product or service relates well with something that is being covered inrepparttar 101207 news, jump onrepparttar 101208 bandwagon. Again, it deals withrepparttar 101209 general focus of your customer's attention. (Of course, PLEASE use good judgment!)

-->> You Must Repeat Your Ads Regularly <<--

There is another old advertising saying (marketer's are just full of them). "Repetition breeds remembrance." Nothing truer has ever been spoken. Why do you think Pepsi and Coca-Cola spend millions on marketing each year? Everyone in repparttar 101210 world knows who they are. However, they understand that if they disappear from view, they are likely to drop in market share and fast!

Pepsi, Coke, McDonald's and hundreds of other major corporations understandrepparttar 101211 importance of staying in front of their audience. The last statistic I saw pertaining to impressions stated that consumers must see your ad seven times before they really even notice it. SEVEN TIMES!

I know what you're thinking, "But I'm a small business owner. I don't haverepparttar 101212 budget of Coke or Pepsi." True. But you can swap ads with others, write and submit articles to ezines or Web sites, arrange joint partner ads and splitrepparttar 101213 cost plus a number of other things to reduce your advertising expense. What's important is that you stay in front of your particular customer.

Once this combination is put into practice, you will notice a great increase in your advertising response. The result of an ad that is well written, placed in a targeted publication, timed impeccably and repeated with regularity will be a more consistent flow of sales for your business.

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Understanding The Basics Of Advertising

Written by Craig Valine

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4. Never start writing your advertisement until you're totally excited aboutrepparttar task at hand. If you're not excited about your product, it will come out in your writing, and hence, repparttar 101204 lack of results your ad produces.

5. Advertising is essentially news. Your ads must inform, educate, enlighten, inspire, or promise a reward for taking action. Apply your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to your news angle. The USP works great as a news angle because if you'rerepparttar 101205 ONLY one in town that does , isn't that news? If you haverepparttar 101206 lowest price in town and you tell them why you can beat every one else, isn't that news? It sure is. Ads should educate and inform, as well as persuade and move people to action.

Understanding these basics of advertising will put you head and shoulders above your competition. Why? Because in my blunt opinion, 90% of all advertising stinks! And, most business owners (and some advertising agencies) don't understand that "the only purpose of advertising is to sell something."

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