Solve Problems Using A Word List

Written by Steve Gillman

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As with most problem-solving techniques, it's important to allow ideas to flow without judging them initially. Don't stiflerepparttar creative process. Evaluate your ideas later, when you're done with this part.

The Problem Solving Word List

You can create your own list of words. Use adjectives, descriptive phrases, and words that can change your perspective. These could includerepparttar 143830 following:

What if it was... larger, smaller, farther away, closer, sooner, later, easier, more difficult, higher, fat, rich, short, black, certain, hopeless, newer, boring, casual, subtracted from, cheaper, common, divided, more interesting, extravagant, subtle, or fun?

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Finding The Answers In Managing Your Fears, Anxieties, And Stresses

Written by Stan Popovich

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I made it a point that every time I experienced a fearful or anxiety related situation, I would userepparttar information that I learned. Afterrepparttar 143743 anxiety would go away I figured out what techniques worked and which ones didn’t work. In every anxiety-related situation I experienced, I began to learn what worked and what I needed to improve on in managing my fears and anxieties.

The main point of this article is that there is always hope in finding out what may work in managing your fears and anxieties. It might take some hard work and persistence, but it is possible to find those techniques that work for you.

Stan Popovich is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods”-a book that presents a overview of techniques in managing Fear. For more info go to: more managing fear articles:

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