Software to help you create a robots.txt file

Written by Sumantra Roy

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Step 2: Inrepparttar left pane ofrepparttar 118459 main Robogen window, click onrepparttar 118460 small button present torepparttar 118461 right ofrepparttar 118462 drop-down combo box atrepparttar 118463 top. Inrepparttar 118464 menu that appears, select "Popular Search Engines".

Step 3: Now, click onrepparttar 118465 drop-down combo box and chooserepparttar 118466 search engine that you are targeting (say, AltaVista). Inrepparttar 118467 right pane, select a page which is NOT meant for AltaVista. Now click onrepparttar 118468 "<<<" button. You will find thatrepparttar 118469 file which you had selected inrepparttar 118470 right pane is now present inrepparttar 118471 left pane. In this way, click on each ofrepparttar 118472 pages which are not meant for AltaVista and pressrepparttar 118473 "<<<" button.

Repeat step 3 for each ofrepparttar 118474 search engines that you are targeting. Just selectrepparttar 118475 search engine that you are targeting fromrepparttar 118476 drop-down combo box, selectrepparttar 118477 pages which are not meant forrepparttar 118478 search engine one by one fromrepparttar 118479 right pane, and click onrepparttar 118480 "<<<" button after clicking on each age. Repeat this process for allrepparttar 118481 search engines that you are targeting.

Step 4: Uploadrepparttar 118482 file to your server usingrepparttar 118483 "Upload Robots.Txt" button. If you want, you can also userepparttar 118484 Save menu item fromrepparttar 118485 File menu to save a copy ofrepparttar 118486 robots.txt file in your hard drive.

Article by Sumantra Roy. Sumantra is one ofrepparttar 118487 most respected search engine positioning specialists onrepparttar 118488 Internet. To have Sumantra's company place your site atrepparttar 118489 top ofrepparttar 118490 search engines, go to For more advice on how you can take your web site torepparttar 118491 top ofrepparttar 118492 search engines, subscribe to his FREE newsletter by going to

Sumantra Roy is one of the most respected search engine positioning specialists on the Internet. To have Sumantra's company place your site at the top of the search engines, go to For more advice on how you can take your web site to the top of the search engines, subscribe to his FREE newsletter by going to

Wake Up... Homer Simpson!

Written by Gary Durkin

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Inrepparttar past, I’ve gone torepparttar 118458 extreme of setting aside what I called ‘Idiot Money’. This was capital which I knew would be lost forever, and ventured into MLM programs, Pyramids, Gifting Schemes, Matrixes, and many others. I did this just to prove my point, there is no basis for anyone to say something doesn’t work, if they have never tried it themselves.

I’m sure not allrepparttar 118459 programs fail, or never deliver, but MANY DO FAIL.

Here’s a little story to leave you with….. a true story…. Something I did a few years ago as a joke. I ran an advert to a Safelist…. Like this:-


This REVOLUTIONARY new program is changingrepparttar 118460 wayrepparttar 118461 GURUS think about internet PROFITS

BE THE FIRST (I am) and make a FORTUNE.

A BRAND NEW 0x0 (zero by zero) reversing, infinite matrix Gifting Program with forced spill-over directly into my account, is GUARANTEED to make me a FORTUNE.

Simply gift to me $100 to my account, then sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing (that’s just what I do).

I am going to make a pile of cashrepparttar 118462 size of my house from this.

Note – your $100 gift to me will be gratefully received – thank you. The more people who gift money to me,repparttar 118463 more profit I make.

For more information on giving me money, contact…. XXXXXX

So… what did you think? Do you think it sounds interesting and something you could join? If you did…. Pack up your computer and return it torepparttar 118464 shop where you bought it from.

Most (hopefully) all you are laughing, thinking thatrepparttar 118465 Ad was complete nonsense and no-one would ever fall for it.

WRONG. Even though it was worded clearly, even though it was absolute silliness, I still had TEN people contact me, asking where to send their $100


Well, it’s true. Needless to say I did NOT take their money, I explained it was a joke, worded in such a way to prove clearly it was a joke.

After some thought, each of them went away feeling very silly.

Not everything in life is as clear as that. Not everything is what it seems.

Don’t get sucked into silly claims that fly aroundrepparttar 118466 Internet.

Think first……. Then think again.

An article by Gary Durkin Founder of the Internet Advice Center®

Gary has more than a decade of offline international business success behind him and has been doing business online for 6 years.

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