Software Usability is All That Matters

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I heard a very long time ago that defragmenting disks was very important to do and even though I don't understand WHY, I do it often because I can do it by startingrepparttar program and walking away fromrepparttar 133600 computer while it goes about this important task by itself. Why not automaterepparttar 133601 process when it's so important to do?

I heardrepparttar 133602 other day about someone havingrepparttar 133603 brilliant idea to make disk defrag programs run automatically because users don't understand what they do and don't use them. Brilliant! DOH! Just as I haven't got a clue what to do when my washing machine stops working, so to do I remain puzzled when my computer stops working. My Maytag doesn't flash error messages, it just quits.

A friend asked me about an error message she was getting on her Compaq Desktop machine tonight and when I sat down in front of repparttar 133604 screen I was greeted by a dialog box that said something onrepparttar 133605 order of "Regenv32 has caused an error in and will now shut down" and of course,repparttar 133606 only choice is "OK" and it did. She only uses her computer to surfrepparttar 133607 web, read email and userepparttar 133608 word processing program occasionally. Should we track down and fix this meaningless "problem"?

Several Apples ago, I bought a book called "Macs for Dummies" and my all time favorite line from that book is repeated over and over again throughoutrepparttar 133609 book. "This message is meaningless, ignore it and reboot" in reference to any one of many possible error messages in dialog boxes that appear on screen before, during or after a system crash.

One thing I understand very clearly onrepparttar 133610 list of benefits Phil Schiller's numbered powerpoint slides was point number 3. "Embrace Open Standards" that means that Apple is committed to coming out of hiding when it comes to proprietary software. It means thatrepparttar 133611 new core of Unix that underlies OS X makes it incredibly stable, available to tweaks and improvements in security and usability by geeks worldwide, not just those in Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

OS X crashes less often, makes me smile more thanrepparttar 133612 OS 9 did, it does its job faster and even comes with System 9 built in, to run allrepparttar 133613 software that worked on it before you upgraded. I struggled to remember how much RAM I had in my iMac DV when I spoke to an Apple representative onrepparttar 133614 trade show floor and recalled that I had asked them to double what it came with when I bought it, so that means it will run OS X, according torepparttar 133615 rep.

COOL! I don't know how it works, but I use it 8 hours a day so it's important that I like using it. I do.

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Wake up Webbie! WAP is Here!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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As an end-user, WAP now allows you easy and secure access to relevant content and other services through your mobile phones or other wireless device. But, by increasing your existing Internet skills and knowledge you haverepparttar opportunity to create new products, increase your customer base, build new alliances and venture partnerships branded just forrepparttar 133599 wireless industry.

Evenrepparttar 133600 domain names are going fast. I myself have purchased such names as and, as I'm sure some of you have already obtained a few yourselves. A friend and reader, Trevor Mayes of has purchased names like and Although many have been purchased in a relatively short time ( only purchased on 20-Jan-2000 by a company from Oslo), I'm sure that many are still available.

Rather than to impossibly try to provide you with allrepparttar 133601 information you may need in this one small article, I'll give you some links to get you started in discoveringrepparttar 133602 possibilities that await you in this new and exciting arena of information exchange.

Wireless Technologies are here and waiting for you to take advantage of them!

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