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Written by Patel Akhilkumar Punambhai

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So any one want's to give contract then could contact us.

No charges for Analysis and estimation.

Sofare Consultant. Consultation for what hardware / software to choose / purchase or develop. Guidance for networking solutions.

Spyware Statistics -- What's New in May 2005?

Written by Alexandra Gamanenko

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Excluding cookies, which are not such a serious problem as key logger programs or Trojan horses, more than 55% of corporate PCs contained unwanted programs. There were an average of 7.2 non-cookie infections per PC.

System monitors (key logger programs) were found in 7% cent of consumer and enterprise PCs scanned by Webroot's software. In Q4 2004 there were 19%. Trojan horse programs were found on 19% of consumer PCs and 7% of enterprise PCs,repparttar same figures as in Q4 2004.

This year's State of Spyware Report data come from Webroot's SpyAudit results and from online research made by Phileas, Webroot's automated spyware research system. Phileas has identified 4,294 sites (with almost 90,000 pages) containing some form of spyware.

This report forrepparttar 137124 first quarter of 2005 entirely confirmedrepparttar 137125 concept that had become as clear as day in 2004 -- from being not much more than a nuisance for PC users, spyware turned into one ofrepparttar 137126 major threats to information security.

Sincerepparttar 137127 Internet has become a part of daily life and business, rapid growth of such kinds of cybercrime as identity theft and phishing endangerrepparttar 137128 whole society. Some types of spyware, namely software capable of stealing passwords, SSNs and other valuable information (keyloggers and keylogger-containing malware), certainly facilitate these crimes.

The complete report for Q1 2005 is available at (Registration is required) Inrepparttar 137129 future an updated version of Webroot's State of Spyware Report will be released atrepparttar 137130 end of each quarter. Keep an eye onrepparttar 137131 news!

Alexandra Gamanenko currently works at Raytown Corporation, LLC -- an independent software developing company. The company's R&D department created an innovative technology, which disables the very processes of information capturing -- keylogging, screenshoting, etc. Learn more -- visit the company's website

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