Social Security Disability Secrets

Written by Nashville

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However, with,repparttar information in this website can definitely help you understand how to apply for benefits withrepparttar 119208 Social Security Administration (SSA), howrepparttar 119209 system works, what SSA doesn't tell you aboutrepparttar 119210 application and appeal process, what you can do on your own to help your case, and what you should never do that might potentially harm your case. These arerepparttar 119211 things that you must get from SSA but almost never will and is delivering them for you.

According to statistics, 70% of all disability benefit claims are denied at application. This only means that you have to learn everything aboutrepparttar 119212 benefit approval system to better your chances of winningrepparttar 119213 claim, with or withoutrepparttar 119214 help of an attorney or non-attorney representative. See it, guys, that’s how important is for those people who deserve to receive their claims for disability and ssi benefits. And, this site aims to help you in looking for competent and experienced disability examiners who will assist you inrepparttar 119215 entire process.

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Your Social Security Approval Package (Finally, the Long Wait is Over!)

Written by Lala Balattan

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Ever wonder how they come up with your package? The amount of your SSDI payment is based onrepparttar worker’s lifetime average earnings covered byrepparttar 119207 Social Security. It is adjusted each year because of changes inrepparttar 119208 cost-of-living. Reduction ofrepparttar 119209 amount is based fromrepparttar 119210 Workers’ Compensation payments (including Black Lung payments) and/or public disability benefits, for example certain state, and civil service disability benefits. Other income or resources do not affectrepparttar 119211 payment amount.

Onrepparttar 119212 other hand,repparttar 119213 SSI payment amount is based onrepparttar 119214 amount of countable income that you receive, your living arrangement, andrepparttar 119215 State where you reside. The basic monthly payment is calledrepparttar 119216 “Federal Benefit Rate” (FBR). Duringrepparttar 119217 year 2004, FBRs are $564 per month for an eligible individual, and $846 per month for an eligible couple. These are adjusted each year depending onrepparttar 119218 changes inrepparttar 119219 cost-of-living rates. “State Supplement” are also additional amounts paid to some by their state. The amounts and qualifications for this vary on each state.

SSI payment amount is figured by adding up your FBR and State Supplement, if any, and then subtract your countable income.

Start enjoying your benefits and remember, folks, spend wisely!

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