So you want to be a custom bike builder? Start with a motorcycle kit!

Written by Michael Holmes

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So where does that leave Average Joes like you and me? Actually, I donít think we are too badly off; in fact if you want to build a custom bike, it has probably never been easier. Hereís my take on itÖ.

Education There is an unbelievable amount of information forrepparttar guys who want to start downrepparttar 102707 road to custom bike building. Videos, books websites, all of them help to flattenrepparttar 102708 learning curve for a novice. Most ofrepparttar 102709 material out there relates to motorcycle kits, and forrepparttar 102710 beginner, building a motorcycle kit is definitelyrepparttar 102711 best way to go if you want to get real hands on experience. After that there are motorcycle maintenance courses, which again will allow you to get up to speed as fast as possible in your quest to becomerepparttar 102712 next Arlen Ness!

Facilities To put together a shop likerepparttar 102713 ones you see on television costs thousands of dollars. But you donít need all that stuff if you start with a motorcycle kit. Motorcycle kits can be put together with some pretty basic tools, providing they are of good quality. Two things that are an absolute must in my opinion though are a torque wrench and a basic lift. With these two tools, you can tightenrepparttar 102714 motorcycle kits fittings correctly, and not break your back while you are doing it!

Desire Well this is one area where you can matchrepparttar 102715 pros, no question. If you really want to be a custom bike builder, start doing it for fun and put your motorcycle kit together.

We canít all be Billy Lane, Eddie Trotta or Russell Mitchell, but we can have a lot of fun trying!

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Keeping used motorcycle parts as good as new

Written by Granny's Mettle

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Use also a gentle stream of water when rinsing, rather than high water pressure that comes fromrepparttar hose. The high pressure of water will cause dirt to grind further intorepparttar 102706 paint, causing scratches along with other worse problems. And remember to use generous amounts of water when rinsing. Dirt that causes scratch will easily float away with enough water used.

When washing your bikeÖ

Use lots of water, but withoutrepparttar 102707 high pressure. Totally avoid using pressure washers. Instead letrepparttar 102708 water flow freely by detachingrepparttar 102709 nozzle fromrepparttar 102710 hose.

Along withrepparttar 102711 generous amount of water, use detergents designed specifically for motorcycle washing. Ordinary detergent tends to removerepparttar 102712 wax that we want to try to keep. Simply mixrepparttar 102713 detergent according torepparttar 102714 directions and go for it. Just make sure you rinse each section soon after applyingrepparttar 102715 detergent so that no soap film will develop. It is difficult to get rid ofrepparttar 102716 soap film when it dries up.

After washing, rinse, rinse, and rinse some more. Rinse everywhere. Every nook and cranny should be rinsed of soap.

Lastly, wash your motorcycle without bright sunlight. Soap suds can easily dry fromrepparttar 102717 heat. Ideal time ofrepparttar 102718 day would be inrepparttar 102719 late afternoon or early morning whenrepparttar 102720 sun is not so strong.

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