So you have bought your first DSLR?

Written by Nick Stubbs

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Taking a photograph with one of these cameras is so much more involved than with any other camera, but it is also so much more fun! The control that a DSLR give you over taking your photographs means that you can let your creativity run wild and try things that just weren't possible with any other camera.

Things for you to learn or consider are; 1.How to holdrepparttar camera.
2.Using both eyes when shooting.
3.How to capture your subject
8.ISO or ASA settings
9.Depth of Field
10.Shutter Speeds
11.Black and White photography
12.Using a Tripod
13.Keep your eyes peeled
14.Camera viewpoint
15.Breakrepparttar 136903 rules

For a full run down of each of these subjects see;

Better Digital Photography for beginners at All Things Photography.

For an in-depth explanation of what allrepparttar 136904 buttons and bits actually do on a DSLR, go to;

The Digital SLR Explained

Allrepparttar 136905 best and welcome to this great thing that is photography.

Nick Stubbs All Things Photography

Nick Stubbs is a professional photographer with more than 20 years experience. He started out at just 13 years old and at 16 got his first apprenticeship with a local photographer.

Gemstone Collecting

Written by Debra Hamer

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I've created an E-book for new gemstone collectors. You will find information onrepparttar most popular gemstones, tidbits about each, colors and properties,repparttar 136884 rarity and cost of certain gemstones, various charts and guides, birthstone & anniversary choices, investment recommendations, etc. All of this information will be at your fingertips for your education and enjoyment. You can even downloadrepparttar 136885 first chapter to see just a small portion ofrepparttar 136886 information you will receive when purchasingrepparttar 136887 E-book.

Not only is gemstone collecting a hobby, but also an investment, because whenever you purchase a gemstone or piece of jewelry with precious gems and metals you are making an investment. An investment that will only appreciate!

You can purchase Debra's E-book titled "A New Collector's Gemstone Guide" at Debra is also the owner of the Profit From Home Biz website at

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