So You Want a American Pit Bull Terrier?

Written by Jason Mann

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Unless you're prepared to work with your dog 5-10-15 minutes per day, everyday, all week, every week, all year, every year, you may want to rethink your decision to get a Pit Bulldog. Actually, if you're not prepared to train your dog, you should rethink getting any dog. Training is a fact of life and must be done in order to prevent a lot of trouble downrepparttar road.

If you can not control your dog, you don't need one.

Can you afford them?

Dog food, vet bills, training, leashes and collars, and dog houses all cost money. Money you may not have right now. A quality dog food can cost as much as $800 per year. Do you have this kind of extra money to spend on food? If not, wait until you do before you bring home that puppy.

Do you want a American Pit Bull Terrier to impress people?

If this isrepparttar 125824 case, stop! Do not, repeat, do not bring one home. You're doing yourself andrepparttar 125825 dog a great injustice.

American Pit Bull Terriers are in demand because of their all around strength, agility, great looks, and mystic. Breeders are pumping puppies out like unleaded gasoline. Puppies are being neglected and bad breeding practices are producing unstable dogs. Beware before you make any final decisions.

If I may point you in a different direction. Every day there are thousands of great bulldogs put down because no one will adopt them or they are deemed "unadoptable" by shelters.

Consider a Rescue Dog.

People who love this breed have created rescues for these dogs and hundreds of dogs are available for adoption.

Rescues are a win-win-win way to go. You give a dog that would otherwise not have a home, a home. You give your money (which in most cases is a small adoption fee) torepparttar 125826 rescue so they can continue their work, and you get an awesome dog that will 9 times out of 10 deliver more than any pure-bred dog could on their best day.

In closing, before you run out and buy a American Pit Bull Terrier, think about your options, make sure you have what it takes to provide and care forrepparttar 125827 dog, and take your time to find a dog that matches your desires.

Jason Mann is a American Pit Bull Terrier fancier and Freelance writer. He also owns and operates a website devoted to educating the public and dog world about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Train Your Dog To Be Your Frisbee Playing Buddy

Written by Heather Wallace

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1. Tempt your dog to return by offering another Frisbee in exchange forrepparttar one he's got. After you have rolledrepparttar 125823 first Frisbee and your dog has picked it up, call his name, tell him to bringrepparttar 125824 Frisbee to you, and show him that you have another disc. Your dog will most probably come running forrepparttar 125825 other Frisbee. Rollrepparttar 125826 second disc and repeat this process.

2. If your dog proves to be a little stubborn, then you may have to resort to using a training lead of about 30 feet. After you have rolledrepparttar 125827 first Frisbee and your dog has picked it up, call his name, tell him to bringrepparttar 125828 Frisbee to you, and then gently pull him back toward you. If your dog dropsrepparttar 125829 disc while being reeled-in, then stop pulling him toward you. Get up, retrieverepparttar 125830 Frisbee yourself, and beginrepparttar 125831 rolling process over again.

....To Catching

When your dog has mastered bringingrepparttar 125832 Frisbee back to you withoutrepparttar 125833 offer of another disc orrepparttar 125834 aid of a lead, then it is time to move outdoors as he is now ready to begin learning to catchrepparttar 125835 Frisbee. Care needs to be taken at this point that you do not actually throwrepparttar 125836 Frisbee at your dog. Some dogs may not try to catchrepparttar 125837 Frisbee and will, instead, be hit byrepparttar 125838 disc. This will cause them to become fearful ofrepparttar 125839 disc and then training them to play with it will become a very difficult task.

Stand a few feet away from your dog and tossrepparttar 125840 Frisbee intorepparttar 125841 air. While doing this say "Catch". Repeat this process until your dog completesrepparttar 125842 task. Be patient as this process may take months for your dog to accomplish. When your dog finally manages to catchrepparttar 125843 disc be sure to provide a reward and a lot of praise.

You are now ready to move ontorepparttar 125844 next and final step. If you are right-handed, then take a position on your dog's right. Those who are left-handed should simply reverse their position in relation to their dog. From this position throwrepparttar 125845 Frisbee a short distance in front of you. When you dog becomes adept at catching these short throws, then you can progress to throws of a greater distance.

Congratulations! You now have a Frisbee catching buddy. Take your playmate out torepparttar 125846 park and show off his new skills. Don't surprised ifrepparttar 125847 two of you draw a crowd of very impressed onlookers.

Heather Wallace is a writer whose work has been published in national, regional, and online publications. Additionally, she has written articles as a newspaper correspondent. Visit to learn how to turn a bad dog into the perfect pooch in record time. Also, sign-up for a free weekly newsletter jam-packed with dog obedience training tips.

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