So You’ve Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Written by Brian Cook

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Medications play an important role in helping to stabilizerepparttar mood swings often found with this type of mental illness. Lithium has been shown to be very effective in helping to control mania and in stoppingrepparttar 149219 recurrence of both manic and depressive episodes. Several types of antidepressant have also been found useful in combatingrepparttar 149220 depression aspect of bipolar disorder. In severe cases, electroconvulsive therapy is often helpful in treating severe depression that fails to respond to medication.

Therapy from a qualified provider can also be helpful in educatingrepparttar 149221 patient and providing support and guidance to all family members involved. It is important to remember that bipolar disorder is recurrent, and, as such, long-term preventive treatment is indicated in most cases.

Finally, it is important to know that bipolar disorder is a legitimate illness, and that it will not “just go away” if given enough time. Treatment is necessary to help keeprepparttar 149222 disease under control and a maintenance regimen (including both medications and therapy) may be required overrepparttar 149223 length of a person’s life.

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Just What Do We Mean by ABUSE Anyway?

Written by Rosella Aranda

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of discomfort from there on out. EMOTIONAL ABUSE IS DIFFICULT TO DETECT The most difficult type of abuse to identify is emotional or psychological in nature. It is very subtle and difficult to recognize because so much of it is a non-behavior, such as giving someonerepparttar cold shoulder orrepparttar 148054 silent treatment, or simply not being present. The fact that a parent may be doing something legitimate like working and not just hanging out in some bar does nothing to alterrepparttar 148055 fact thatrepparttar 148056 child is deprived of his parent’s company, guidance and affection. A parent can be physically present but emotionally unavailable. Some parents may have too many responsibilities and not enough time or energy for their children. Others are simply ill-equipped to offer proper nurturance or psychological support. The term emotional orphan comes to mind. Another thing that makes emotional abuse hard to pinpoint is repparttar 148057 fact thatrepparttar 148058 victim is not outwardly mangled. Emotionally abusive behaviors include: • yelling • belittling, criticizing • blocking, stifling • too demanding of perfection • domineering, controlling • name-calling, ridiculing, mocking • not taking interest, ignoring • not showing affection or physical contact • constant complaining about providing necessities • general absence or unavailability. Threats of abandonment or withdrawal of love are very frightening and a very cruel form of discipline. Other forms of psychological abuse are over-protection, adulation and overly doting behaviors. And then there is over-reliance on a child, referred to as emotional incest, whererepparttar 148059 child is used to fulfill a void left by an absent partner. All of these behaviors distort healthy development and growth. Muddled boundaries make it difficult to form and sustain healthy human relationships later in life. Now, using these parameters, it’s safe to say thatrepparttar 148060 vast majority of people have been abused to one degree or another. Unfortunately, these types of behavior are far too common and many of us have been affected more deeply than we care to admit. However, until we acknowledgerepparttar 148061 truth of our personal history, we will continue to expend tremendous amounts of psychic energy trying to squelchrepparttar 148062 pain of these subconscious wounds. Inrepparttar 148063 meantime, it is my hope that a greater understanding of how much long-term damage these behaviors cause might prevent us from perpetuating such mistreatment. With a bit of attention and intention,repparttar 148064 abuse can stop here.

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