So Where Do You Fit In?

Written by Cathy Bryant

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When your funds have grown torepparttar point that you feel you're ready to give that home business a go, then you can give uprepparttar 117356 job if you feel you need that time to devote torepparttar 117357 business. You'll have your working capital, and chances are your business will be in profit sooner.

This won't work, however, if, instead of being disciplined enough to putrepparttar 117358 money aside, you spend it instead.

Even withrepparttar 117359 slowdown inrepparttar 117360 economy, there are still plenty of places that are hiring part-time workers (at least in my section ofrepparttar 117361 country). In addition, some of these places offer benefits even to part-timers (Starbucks, for example).

Here's links to some places that offer a part-time income and flexible schedules to their employees. (Some of these companies are regional; you can searchrepparttar 117362 websites to see if they are in your area).******

*On Fortune Magazines "Top 100 Best Companies to Work For" this year - for more on this, visit

If you don't haverepparttar 117363 money to get your business going - this is one option always open to you for your consideration.

If you're serious about succeeding on your own, you need to do what it takes to reach your goals!

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Baby Steps To Business Success

Written by Angela Booth

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Nowrepparttar Spoiler's gone. You can't hear it any more.

Withrepparttar 117355 Spoiler gone (you may need to repeatrepparttar 117356 disposal exercise each day, or several times a day for a while), you can hear your intuition. Let's call your intuition your Director.

You can picture your Director in your mind's eye if you wish. Or you can listen for him, or her. Your Director pushes. Sometimes I ignore my Director, but she's persistent. She nags. She nagged me into creating a blog (Web log). I've still got no idea why having a blog is A Good Thing according to my Director, but at least she's stopped nagging about it.

If you're thinking that all this imaginative stuff is a mite weird, remember that your right brain thinks in images. Always. Whether you know it or not, and whether you care or not. If you can become aware of these images, you can get your left and right brain to work together more harmoniously. (If you're interested in images, Carl Jung called them Archetypes. To learn more, read popularized books on Jungian psychology. Fascinating stuff.)

==> Three: Remember that everything's changing, all ofrepparttar 117357 time

Change is frightening. However, everything's changing. Nothing staysrepparttar 117358 same. So you might as well go withrepparttar 117359 flow.

Change doesn't have to be bad news. It's excellent news. It means that your business will NOT stayrepparttar 117360 same. It will change, and allrepparttar 117361 myriad tiny things you do each day do make a difference. They're cumulative.

Take action to steer your business inrepparttar 117362 direction you want it to go. If you want more sales, do more marketing. Follow up with your contacts. Follow up with past clients. Do at least five marketing tasks a day.

When it seems that nothing's happening, remember that it is, because everything's changing.

You especially need to remember that everything's changing when everything is going well in your business. You can't stand still. So if everything's going well, keep paddling inrepparttar 117363 direction you want to go. If you don’t, you may find yourself sliding over a waterfall.

==> Four: Listen to your resistance, it has meaning

When you resist something – say marketing – your resistance means something. Don't just assume that you're a lazy so-and-so and dump a heap of negative thoughts onto yourself.

Take a pen and some paper, find a quiet spot, and ask yourself some questions.


* why aren't I (doing whatever it is that you're resisting)?

* what am I afraid of?

* what do I really want?

* what should I do next?

Answers will come.

That's all it takes to take baby steps to business success. So go ahead. DO faith, and take baby steps.

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