So What's Your Excuse?

Written by Maria Marsala

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accept? Takerepparttar time to think about what type of answers you can give and things you can do to protect your boundaries so that you can raise your standards. Check out these Top Ten Lists about boundaries. They are just wonderful! "Things to say pleasantly when people attempt to invade your boundaries" by Coach Diana Robinson and another wonderful Top Ten by Coach Dennis Tesdell

Integrity Lesson This month, write down allrepparttar 101952 excuses you hear yourself giving others and giving yourself. Look forrepparttar 101953 patterns. Are you not setting boundaries? Are you setting boundaries andrepparttar 101954 person isn't listening? Are you setting boundaries and you're not enforcing those boundaries? Or what other patterns do you see.

And remember: Yes, No and Maybe are all complete sentences!!!

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How To Invest In Offshore Or Internet Programs

Written by Ray Ogden

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(5) Ifrepparttar program description says that it needs lots of people to join, so refer as many as you can, or, you need to spend every day ofrepparttar 101951 week to keep things going, find another program.

(6) Spendrepparttar 101952 minimum going into a new program where no one has EVER been paid. You may NEVER get PAID.

(7) So you think maybe you found a winner? Is it offshore? Any program can be working, be paying and running like a smooth clock. Ifrepparttar 101953 money is inrepparttar 101954 states, where it can be ceased by inquiring minds, it's in big jeopardy. How long do they need to keep your money before your principal is returned? That's how long you are at risk of loosing it.

(8) How many members are there? 5,000, 10,000, more? That's a sure bet thatrepparttar 101955 books are open torepparttar 101956 public? The more people there are inrepparttar 101957 program,repparttar 101958 more danger that it is being watched and there's someone waiting for an opportunity to close it down. The more people,repparttar 101959 longer it will take to get your money to you, and of course,repparttar 101960 faster your government gets intorepparttar 101961 action.

(9) Every failure can become a positive learning experience. Think about this, 90% ofrepparttar 101962 programs promising 50% a week fail in a short period of time, and then one comes along promising 200% a week, what arerepparttar 101963 chances of success? Right!!

(10) We have been in programs that produce returns of 100 - 300% per month over time. The hard part, knowing someone that is in contact with those who are inrepparttar 101964 know. You know! These types of programs are kept quite. You won't get much if any information because of non-disclosure agreements, unless your are putting up ,000s. When you find one of these golden eggs, guardrepparttar 101965 Secret!

(11) If you do not have a plan that includes discipline & patience...You won't haverepparttar 101966 money when you come upon that once in a life time opportunity!

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