So, whatís an e-zine?

Written by Maria Marsala

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tips, articles, adís, class information, suggestions, and more. They can be sent out daily, weekly or monthly. Quarterly e-zines are OK for organizations with paid memberships, but I don't recommend them otherwise. People who receive e-zines less than once a month are apt to forget they subscribed and may think you're S*pamming them. I know that you don't want to get accused of that!

Formatting your e-zine is up to you, so decide what's best for you and your clients before you start.

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Eliminate Redundancies for Fat Free Writing

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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Instead of ? (why?) ? Use this 1. 12 noon (noon is always at 12) noon 2. 12 midnight (midnight is always at 12) midnight 3. added bonus bonus 4. and also and or also 5. advance notice (notice is advance) notice 6. askrepparttar question ask 7. ATM machine(M stands for machine) ATM 8. current status status 9. close proximity near 10.end result result 11.filled to capacity filled 12.first and foremost first gift free or gift 14.future plans (already inrepparttar 129398 future) plans 15.general consensus consensus 16.join together join 17.month of October October agreement drop "mutual" development development 20.past experience experience 21.past history (history is always inrepparttar 129399 past) history 22.period of time time 23.PIN number(N stands for number) PIN 24.sum total (the total isrepparttar 129400 sum) total or sum number total

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