So, Why Should You Start An Online Business?

Written by Joe Bingham

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Online businesses take far less initial capital. My business has two fixed costs: Internet access and web hosting. That's it, a whopping $47 a month! Let's see you start your own auto body shop or beauty parlor on that!

There are many online programs you can immediately tie in to and 'piggyback' on their success as well. Even if you want to completely own your own site or system, you can begin by learning from other successful companies as an affiliate, and then continue making money with them indefinitely.

The Internet also provides for a global market, continuing education, and freedom in terms of what time you have to put into it. Naturally,repparttar more you put into it,repparttar 117939 more you'll gain, but it does allow for flexibility and time to grow.

No business is guaranteed to succeed whether online or offline. Success is completely up to you. However,repparttar 117940 Internet provides easier means of starting out, low investment, flexible hours, a free education, and potential for extra to wealth building income.

If you have considered working online, but don't know how to proceed, start by learning. There are opportunities out there that do offer free training and are excellent ways to start. Find one that fits your personality and goals and go for it. The more you learn,repparttar 117941 more you'll know what you need to do, andrepparttar 117942 better your chances of succeeding.

Right now, your odds of retiring inrepparttar 117943 financially stable category are 4%.

What are you going to do about that?

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters Publish Your Own Quality Ezine with Little Work and a Lot of Help

Go First Class!

Written by Kent E. Butler

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Avoid ridiculous claims onrepparttar order of "Make $20,000 every day just by sending email!!!!!". Email what - ransom notes?

Write exciting copy, of course. Just keep it honest and see that it's well-written. If you need help, get it. It's your future.

Present your product or service inrepparttar 117938 best possible light, certainly. But do it with integrity and sincerity. If they don't trust you, they won't buy from you.

And if what you're selling doesn't measure up to your claims, you'll experience many complaints and returns. And you'll probably get bad-mouthed all overrepparttar 117939 internet. And you'll probably deserve it. Fortunately, you're a straight shooter so you needn't worry about that stuff. Right?

I once knew an Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealer whose television commercials consisted of beautiful scenes and relaxing music. A slide acrossrepparttar 117940 top ofrepparttar 117941 screen read simply "XYZ Oldsmobile - Cadillac, Fourth and Main, Ourtown". In aboutrepparttar 117942 last 12-15 seconds a pleasant voice offered an invitation to come seerepparttar 117943 dealer for all your automotive needs.

Prospects were well-treated and customers treasured. Aboutrepparttar 117944 only way a customer would buy elsewhere was at gunpoint, I think. His word-of-mouth advertising, even from people who weren't his customers, was priceless.

You can make a strong profit, have a fine reputation, good traffic to your site and loyal customers. Go First Class and everyone benefits. Aren't you worth it?

Kent E. Butler has worked at home since 1994. He edits the Home Based Journal, a free ezine providing useful info on a wide range of relevant topics. It takes a whole person to wholly succeed. Are you a whole person? Join us, we'd love to have you in the family.

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