So, What's in a Name?

Written by Steve Parke

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you grow used to berepparttar norm. Now, 20% to start, and 10% as you grow, and remain at 10% for continued controlled growth. I don't care if you start out at $5.00 dollars a month, or $50,000.00 dollars a month. You should always spend a percent on advertising, and marketing for your business health. To createrepparttar 117959 kind of name that Macdonald's has, took a lot of money and some very smart people. Keep track of everything you do. There are many good companies out there that can tell you how, and where every hit you have came from. You need to know what works, and what doesn't. Sometimes a name factor does come in to play, and you don't know it. Yes, you can have failed campaigns, but every time you advertise, you are getting your name out there, so it helps. If you get people to know your name, you have wonrepparttar 117960 war! From there, it's up to you, your people, and your company to take care of your traffic, your name, products, service, website, etc. So, what's in a name? Everything! Your Entire Business! Your Life! Your name and your business name may as well berepparttar 117961 same, because how people think of your business name, how people remember your business name,and how people respond to your business name, will determine if people BUY! Which will determine how you LIVE! When advertising, marketing, and spending your budget, think of it fromrepparttar 117962 name perspective. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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Lessons Learned from the Downfall of Dot-Coms

Written by Nach Maravilla

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* What do customers want from your site? Remember, not all customers are profitable, so you need to identify your best customers and tailor your offer to them. Make sure to understand what your best customers really need and why they have defected. By learningrepparttar purpose of your visitors, you are in a much better situation to provide them with what they want. The better you serve their purposes,repparttar 117958 more they will appreciate your site.

* Why are they visiting your site and would they return after their first visit? Do everything to entice your customers to identify themselves to you, such as special discounts or other incentives. Despite privacy concerns, you would be surprised by how much information customers will willingly volunteer ­ if they think you are trustworthy! Study online competitors, off-line competitors, and any “comparable” dot-coms that are facing similar issues in a different market.

* What technology do they use, what features are they familiar with, and how long do they want to spend at our site? A lot of online businesses fail because either their designs are far too bandwidth intensive, or it did not do its homework and has zero knowledge ofrepparttar 117959 customer’s ability and usage ofrepparttar 117960 site.

2. Your company’s mission should be to provide great customer experience.

You must commit yourself to creatingrepparttar 117961 best possible customer experience for your site. Some brick-and-mortar organizations making a crossover to e-commerce have ingrained behaviors and attitudes that hinder delivering superior customer service. If other people are involved in your online business ­ from independent web designers, to programmers or marketing personnel ­ make sure that everyone shares your vision. If you have employees, it is best that you assign one of them to be your customer service champion whose main job is to oversee howrepparttar 117962 company is continuously improving its service. Linking rewards to service is also an effective way to promote better service. Your organization’s goal should be to provide a great customer experience that makes it quicker and easier for customers to buy your products or services.

Use objective data. Solicit customer feedback, run survey forms, or get a friend to evaluaterepparttar 117963 site. Gather and use information to improve your relationship with all of your customers. However, refrain from sending them with frequent direct mail or with unsolicited e-mail. As much as possible avoid selling your customer information to anyone: it will anger your customer for violating your promise of protecting his or her privacy.

Onrepparttar 117964 Internet, showing brochures and sales promotions alone is not going to cut it withrepparttar 117965 consumers. While competitive pricing isrepparttar 117966 first step,repparttar 117967 role of every online entrepreneur is to become relationship-focused if his or her business is to survive. In terms of technology, it is crucial that online companies invest in technology but there is no need to go overboard. Use available technology to improve customer service and manage costs.

3. Keep an eye on customer experience.

It is essential to continually monitor and improve customer experience. Watch (and respond to) customer e-mails, actively listen to feedback and comments, and occasionally involve outside experts to give objective guidance.

A great customer experience can result in strong word-of-mouth exposure, positive publicity, and increased revenues. However, customer experience is never perfect. Building a greater customer experience is not an event, but a continuous process towards online success.

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