Sneaky (But Legal) Places To Insert Keywords For Higher Rankings

Written by Diane Hughes

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4. Inrepparttar "title" and "description" tags.

The title and description tags are still widely read and used by engines. Be sure both are enticing and contain keywords because some engines use them interchangeably.

5. Inrepparttar 128363 copy itself.

The "optimal" copy length for search engine compatibility is between 250 - 350 words. Why? Because that gives you enough room to userepparttar 128364 keyphrases repeatedly and still make sense! You should have about a 3% ratio of copy to keywords.

6. In ALT tags.

ALT tags are those little bits of copy that pop up when you hold your mouse over a graphic or picture. Search engines read those - because they consist of text. Use keywords inrepparttar 128365 descriptions you assign torepparttar 128366 images on each page. WARNING: Be VERY sure thatrepparttar 128367 description inrepparttar 128368 ALT tag goes withrepparttar 128369 image. Otherwise you could be banned for "keyword stuffing."

Last little trick ... get one or two heavyweight keywords or phrases in all 6 places above. It's hard to do, butrepparttar 128370 results are tremendous!

By taking advantage of these sneaky - but legal - places to insert keywords, you stand a better chance of getting one of those coveted "Top 10" slots onrepparttar 128371 major engines. You also stand a darn good shot at increasing traffic to your site!

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"Secrets To Using Keywords!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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4. Do NOT SPAM Your Keywords.

It has long been thought that repetition of keywords will improverepparttar ranking of your website. While this was true many, many years ago, it is not to be used today or your website will be penalized if not outright banned byrepparttar 128362 major search engines and directories.

Use keywords only one time each in your Title and withinrepparttar 128363 Meta Tags of your web page HTML.

The exception to this rule isrepparttar 128364 repeated use ofrepparttar 128365 same keyword withinrepparttar 128366 actual text of your website but ONLY ifrepparttar 128367 keyword is relevant. Repetition for repetitions sake will also cause you to be penalized or banned altogether.

5. Research Your Keywords.

How would someone find you online?

Pretend you are a potential visitor to your website and compile a list of words you might use at a search engine or directory and research what these terms bring back as results to your inquiry.

Is your website already amongrepparttar 128368 search term results? How about your competition?

If neither appear inrepparttar 128369 results of your search then you need to try using other keywords.

You can even cheat a little on this by visiting your competitor and viewingrepparttar 128370 source of their web page to determine exactly which keywords they are using.

6. Modify Your Keywords.

Just because you finally compile a list of keywords do not fall intorepparttar 128371 trap of thinking that they are somehow now etched in stone.

Not onrepparttar 128372 Internet.

Reviewrepparttar 128373 most common search terms being used at least once every month or two and modify, adapt, adjust and overcome any problems by making changes to your list.

A great way to keep tabs onrepparttar 128374 most popular terms in use onrepparttar 128375 Internet can be determined by accessing various FREE services that exist online dedicated to compiling a list ofrepparttar 128376 top current search keywords.

You can access our "FREE List of Keyword Services" by sending a blank email to our auto-responder at:

Making use of these little secrets on keywords will insure that your website is always inrepparttar 128377 top rankings of searches done to find your unique web page content.

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