Smokey Mountain Cabins - There Is Only One!

Written by David Buster

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For your Leconte stay, make sure you bring sturdy shoes that you have already broken in. Include more than one change of socks in case your feet get wet. Layered, lightweight clothing will give yourepparttar flexibility to add more or take it off as temperatures change. A warm sweater or jacket is advisable and a lightweight raincoat or poncho is absolutely essential. Nature shows no mercy for those unprepared forrepparttar 147192 sudden changes in weather. Summer nights can dip to 40 degrees or lower, while in spring and fall, night temperatures can drop intorepparttar 147193 teens with snowfall.

No need to bring suitcases and other cumbersome luggage. A light backpack should be what you use for your necessities since personal clothing and toiletries are all you really need. Remember, it is a 5-mile hike to enjoy these very special Smokey Mountain cabins.

The Great Smokey Mountain National Park is about half in North Carolina and half in Tennessee. Leconte Lodge is located on Leconte Mountain which is onrepparttar 147194 Tennessee side inrepparttar 147195 national park. But you will not know which state you are in. Does it really matter? You WILL know that you are away from civilization in a beautiful unspoiled mountain retreat. Whether you stay in Leconte Lodge or other Smokey Mountain log cabins outsiderepparttar 147196 park, once you have been there, it is easy to see whyrepparttar 147197 Great Smoky Mountain National Park isrepparttar 147198 #1 visited national park inrepparttar 147199 USA.

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Getting The Best Price On A Car Rental

Written by Ben Shar

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∑ The best way to getrepparttar best price on your car rental is to book online. Not just in advance, but online. Hereísrepparttar 147191 reason. When you book online, there are less people involved, less mistakes made and less overhead forrepparttar 147192 company. That helps to keep prices low. This savings can be passed on to you.

Car rentals are just one aspect of vacationing. They can be quite costly, but, they donít have to be such a burden. You can drive around in a great looking car at a great price. Save that money forrepparttar 147193 vacation itself!

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