Smelling the roses and recharging our batteries!

Written by Lisa Schmeckpeper

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But I don't want to miss Christmas withrepparttar kids this year. I want to truly experiencerepparttar 117922 holidays this season, not just try to plan them around my busy work schedule. I don't even want to missrepparttar 117923 upcoming, once in a lifetime "turn ofrepparttar 117924 century".

Now, what does this mean to my business? Does it hurt my growth? Probably inrepparttar 117925 short run. Revenues won't be up but they certainly won't dip down low enough to really worry me. This, byrepparttar 117926 way, is one ofrepparttar 117927 nicest things about an Internet business :-)

But how will this reaffirmation that I am something more than a slave to Internet possibilities eventually help my business? Easy... when I do come back to full time work my health will be improved, I'll feel better about myself and my family, and I'll have a clear head. I'll most likely return to accomplish tasks that I have struggled with previously in record time, just because of my recharged, revitalized mental state.

So how can you apply this advice in your own life?

If you have already burnt yourself out and feel that you are spinning your wheels, force yourself to take a break. You don't have to push and push and push yourself in order to prove you can be successful. It will come eventually, and when it finally does march into your life, you should want to be able to handle it. Wouldn't it be a shame if success finally knocked on your door but you were too tired and mentally exhausted to remember your early dreams, and be in a condition to take advantage of that success? Of course it would be.

History is full of sad examples of people who started out with a dream, pursued that dream relentlessly, and used all their talents and time. Somehow, when they arrived atrepparttar 117928 end ofrepparttar 117929 rainbow, they were either too tired, or too bogged down by worries that they were going to lose it, that they couldnít even enjoyrepparttar 117930 colors, much lessrepparttar 117931 contents of that allegorical kettle. You probably have worked for people like that. So you know itís not an uncommon phenomenon. Just don't let it happen to you.

If you haven't yet fully launched your Internet business, and you're feeling burnt out just fromrepparttar 117932 pre-launch phase, then I say enjoy this last holiday ofrepparttar 117933 millennium with gusto. There will be plenty of other sacrifices ahead in your first few years of business.

If you haven't already gotten in on this yearís Christmas Ecommerce train it is almost too late to do much anyway. Christmas shoppers will be making their online purchases overrepparttar 117934 next couple of weeks. After that they will turn torepparttar 117935 safety ofrepparttar 117936 retail stores for any last-minute gifts. So if you haven't launched by now, chances arerepparttar 117937 smart thing to do is just relax and enjoy this last 1999 holiday.

We receive mixed messages in many ofrepparttar 117938 publications we regularly read. Some writers say stop procrastinating and make sacrifices or you'll get nowhere. Then you have writers like me who encourage you to stop and smellrepparttar 117939 roses occasionally. Ultimately, of course, you have to do what you feel is right for you and your particular circumstances.

I just know that for me and a few other well-known marketers I've talked to, taking some time off provides us with a much-needed renewal of our entrepreneurial batteries.

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I KNOW I'm in Heaven!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I've determined that this KNOWING can be found and nurtured for business success as well. We all haverepparttar capacity,repparttar 117921 intuition andrepparttar 117922 resources to acheive entrepreneurial nirvana if we only haverepparttar 117923 *desire* to reach into ourselves and find it. I may even develop my own love of small business into a "Business Success" and "Financial Prosperity" hypnosis practice. The ability to call upon our own resources from deep inside is nothing short of magical when done while in hypnosis.

The course I completed can be seen in an ad we run regularly below forrepparttar 117924 Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts hypnotherapy training school. I had no intention of actually becoming a hypnotherapist when I beganrepparttar 117925 course in trade for work in marketing their web site.

The course is a highly recommended method of profound personal transformation. But once I sawrepparttar 117926 healing and personal growth that came for myself and all my fellow classmates, (ach of us have done hundreds of hours of "practice" hypnosis sessions on fellow classmates). I am sure I will use it to help others.

Even if it's only to convince others of their own ability to be successful in web business. We are all being hypnotized by mass media to believe thatrepparttar 117927 internet is a failure when in fact there are literally millions of us working profitably online. I KNOW that I'm in Heaven. ^j^

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