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Still Waiting? :What to do when your Child Lands on the College Wait List.

Written by Monica Wheeler

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Next, write a letter torepparttar admissions office immediately after receiving notice of being wait listed. Dr. Robert J. Massa, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Life at Dickinson College in Carlisle, suggestrepparttar 109451 student write a letter torepparttar 109452 Director of Admissions explaining exactly why they believerepparttar 109453 college is best for them. The applicant should ?outline why they thinkrepparttar 109454 college isrepparttar 109455 perfect match for them -their learning style, their style of interaction, and their educational objectives. Show that they knowrepparttar 109456 college and that they know themselves. Tellrepparttar 109457 admissions director whyrepparttar 109458 college will be a better place if they were there. If there is an opening, andrepparttar 109459 student does this, they will stand a better chance of getting in."

Most importantly, don?t takerepparttar 109460 final decision as a personal insult. Colleges differ in how they take students fromrepparttar 109461 wait list for admission. Sabena B. Moretz, Associate Director of Admission atrepparttar 109462 University of Richmond, explains, "Some will admitrepparttar 109463 student who calls them every day because they believe that student isrepparttar 109464 most likely to enroll. Others admit student athletes, star musicians or students with particular personal qualities thatrepparttar 109465 school needs.?

Instead, playrepparttar 109466 cards that are dealt. Help your child prepare forrepparttar 109467 second choice school. It can?t hurt to stay on a wait list, but if you're son or daughter is waitlisted at one institution,repparttar 109468 odds are great they?ve been accepted somewhere very similar. Allow yourself and your child to become excited about where they've been accepted. No matterrepparttar 109469 outcome,repparttar 109470 college selection process should remain a positive experience.

Monica Wheeler is a national- award- winning freelance writer, who has helped thousands of parents and students prepare for university admissions. For ?35 Practical Ways to Get Money for College? visit

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