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Written by John Gergye

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==> GoTo Gambit #4

Make every click count. If a visitor doesn't buy, do you use a pop-up box to ask them to sign-up for your ezine or a mini course as a fallback? You would at least get something out ofrepparttar click.

==> GoTo Gambit #5

I assume you know which keywords send yourepparttar 128070 most traffic? Guard those puppies like a junk yard dog! Don't know how? Piece of cake with this next FREE tool. It shows you where you can save money by keeping you on top of bid gaps. That is, where you can lower your bid and still not lose your position. I mean, why over bid it you don't have to?

Or you can pay to automate this task using PPCBidTracker or Keyword Bid Optimizer (KBO). Pricing may favor KBO. Especially with multiple domains.

==> GoTo Gambit #6

Ever consider optimizing your site for GoTo's default search engine, Inktomi? You might want to. That way, if a search term at doesn't have enough (or any) bids, it pulls in results from Inktomi. Top positions there could mean free traffic from GoTo. Don't know much about Inktomi? No problem. Get help at this forum:

==> GoTo Gambit #7

Finally, while not really a gambit, a FREE piece of software I can't live without since GoTo's suggestion tool is down too much, is Good Keywords. It works great and is a big help in gettingrepparttar 128071 most fromrepparttar 128072 PPCs.

Hopefully these suggestions will save you time and/or money. And makerepparttar 128073 pain ofrepparttar 128074 recent pricing decrees at easier to swallow.

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What's in a Listing? Do a Search of your Site or Ezine.

Written by Donna Sweat

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3] Moving downrepparttar list...Now we have a new problem,we can't update this listing because there is no contact e-mail or login box.Be careful of sites like this one.

4] Now we are finding listings not related to my newsletter at all.Why? The key words are Dee's, Helpful,Info. and Newsletter. One or all of these describe many other listings not related to my newsletter.Maybe I should change our newsletter name?

Now lets change to another search engine. I have tried several but lets face it, Yahoo isrepparttar 128069 best. Now you ask.....what'srepparttar 128070 point to this article? The point is...your losing business if your listing is not correct! A wrong e-mail address, or web site url,can take away business from your site. Always stay a step ahead.. UPDATE YOUR LISTINGS OFTEN!

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