Smart Art Investments - More Than Just a Pretty Picture!

Written by Sian Whitehall

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Rules number two, if you are serious about buying investment art read up onrepparttar various styles and art forms. Perhaps you have always been attracted to impressionism but you didn't know it was called 'impressionism'. This can help you when searching for a certain style. Rule number three; considerrepparttar 146938 calibre of artist you are going to investment in. Emerging or relatively unknown artists can be very profitable investments but hold more risk. It’s wise to learn as much as you can aboutrepparttar 146939 artist before you purchase. This is whererepparttar 146940 internet can be a very helpful tool. All kinds of information is available atrepparttar 146941 click ofrepparttar 146942 mouse. Rule number four - buy what you love! Can you see yourself enjoying it for years to come? This is an important consideration when you are buying art or anything else for that matter. Whether it becomes a priceless work or not, you will haverepparttar 146943 satisfaction of having chosen and enjoyed something you really like. Most importantly, you can become a successful art collector and investor. Don't stand still! Don't procrastinate! Go out and start searching for art that is right for you. Everyone has to start somewhere! I can speak from experience and say that learning about art and investing is rewarding intellectually, aesthetically and financially.

Sian Whitehall Smart Art Investments

Sian Whitehall is the co-founder of Smart Art Investments an online Australian Art Investment website. She designed the website for people who are new at looking at art, who would like to learn about art, collect or invest in art, or who want to buy art at some time in their lives.

It Is In Your Best Interest To Do The Math On Your Credit Card Interest

Written by Terry McDermott

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These companies can be their own worst enemy. Every day consumers throughoutrepparttar country receive an avalanche of credit card offers that make promises of low interest and high spending limits. Many ofrepparttar 146937 recipients are already strung out with other debts butrepparttar 146938 credit companies still offer and then provide these high-risk individuals withrepparttar 146939 desired credit. Talk about using gasoline to try and extinguish a fire.

The practice of paying with plastic can be seductive and addictive andrepparttar 146940 credit card companies are well aware of it. It is obvious that these companies are doing quite well. They use loopholes to gradually increase interest rates and capitalize onrepparttar 146941 deceptive “minimum monthly payment” scheme to string consumers along. If you have an ounce of wisdom, you will pay close attention torepparttar 146942 credit card offers you receive andrepparttar 146943 progress of your interest rates as you go month-to-month. It is a quite simple matter to let things get out of control and find yourself atrepparttar 146944 mercy of Visa and MasterCard.

Terry McDermott is the administrator of a variety of specialized websites. Two of these websites are focused on financial issues. They are Investing and Finance Central at and Advantage Payday Loans at

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