Small Steps And Golden Stones

Written by Peter Murphy

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Today as you walked throughrepparttar field you wanted to avoid getting wet and hot. Nor did you want to lose any water from those two full urns. But you got soaked byrepparttar 101962 wet grass and you slipped from time to time onrepparttar 101963 damp track and lost a little water each time. And allrepparttar 101964 worry made you sweat.

If instead you had paid attention to what you wanted - to be cool and dry as you carriedrepparttar 101965 urns you might have noticedrepparttar 101966 other pathway throughrepparttar 101967 field. The one inrepparttar 101968 shadow ofrepparttar 101969 forest.

You can walk along that trail of perfectly level golden stones at anytime ofrepparttar 101970 day without being bothered byrepparttar 101971 heat ofrepparttar 101972 sun. One step and one golden stone at a time would have brought you home very dry indeed with two urns full torepparttar 101973 brim.**

And so it is for us all. Know what you want and you just might get it otherwise you are doomed to get what you worry about - that which you do not want.

The best communicators andrepparttar 101974 most persuasive presenters know exactly what they want to say and how they want to impact their audience.

If they want you to laugh they tell a good joke, if they want you to listen up they might speak more softly or even pause and use silence to capture your attention. And if they want to feel relaxed and confident for a big event they prepare diligently in advance ofrepparttar 101975 big day.

Be highly specific about your intentions and you will findrepparttar 101976 steps to take you where you want to go. Your steps to success are out there - go find your gold.

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Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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Had I ever done anything illegal or unethical onrepparttar job? Ever spoke ill of any of my employers? Ever performed in a way that would cost a company money or customers? Absolutely not. My work ethic was such that I always gave 110 percent, always tried to do what was best forrepparttar 101961 companies where I worked, and prided myself on seeing, suggesting and implementing improvements.

So what was my problem?

And then it finally occurred to me. It wasn't *my* problem at all.

I'd figured outrepparttar 101962 pattern at last. Every time I got "sent torepparttar 101963 principal's office," (the phrase I began to use whenever I was called in for one of those chats withrepparttar 101964 boss), it was a result of my frustration with what I felt was my company's short-sightedness. I'd rebel against silly rules, get discouraged when people whose greatest talent involved kissing butt were promoted, and yearn for compensation and perks commensurate with my contributions.

If I was willing to give 110 percent to my employer, it seemed reasonable to want 110 percent in return. Time and time again, I met with disappointment. And time and time again, my frustration withrepparttar 101965 status quo would get me into hot water withrepparttar 101966 boss.

What I failed to realize all along was that I was in fact Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. My initiative, my enthusiasm and my dedication weren't character flaws at all. They were merely misplaced.

The day I realized this wasrepparttar 101967 day I decided, once and for all, to redirect my focus into starting and building my own business.

On that day, my frustration disappeared. I stopped wasting my time and talent butting my head against brick walls, and began to use them to buildrepparttar 101968 foundation of my own dreams instead.

You see, I never had a "bad attitude" at all--simply a "right attitude" in a wrong work environment.

So, you've been told you have a bad attitude? Terrific! Use it to determine your own future and fuel your success.

Mary Anne Hahn is a freelance writer who wants to encourage others to follow their dreams. She is also editor and publisher of WriteSuccess, the ezine of ideas, information and inspiration for people who want SUCCESSFUL writing careers. To subscribe,

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